Grace For Healing
God wants you well
God's acceptance

The story of Naaman shows us that God’s acceptance heals your shame. 

Today we look at the relationship between God’s acceptance and shame. Then I’ll offer 5 steps to help you apply this learning to your own life.

So let’s look at shame:

In my last post I shared of how, as a young girl, I was ashamed of my freckles. They made me different from my friends. In fact on one occasion a girl in my class at school, called me ‘Heinze baked beans face’. I was crushed. 

The feeling of disgust towards a part of me arose. I tried everything to hide them, get rid of them or cover them up. 
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do you feel ashamed of your illness?

God knows the healing you need because He looks at the heart.

Today we’re going to look at shame which I believe is often the root cause of our inauthenticity. I’m going to suggest 3 possible masks you might be wearing to cover up your shame.

Mind-Body doctor Gabor Mate says the inauthenticity causes disease. So I pray that as you read this, you’ll develop a greater understanding of how shame shows up in your life and how it hinders healing.
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the story of Bartimaeus

The healing of Bartimaeus shows us how people pleasing can stop our healing. I love that Bartimaeus had enough shameless faith to ignore the crowds and pursue Jesus.

Today we take a brief look at the area of people-pleasing and how destructive it is for those who need healing. Namely because people pleasers unconsciously put the voice and opinions of others above God’s.

People pleasers don’t fully accept who God has called them to be

When I trained in counselling, I was surprised to discover just how much of a people pleaser I was and how my whole life was rooted in shame.
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sin and sickness

Have you ever wondered if there is a link between sin and sickness?

By reading today’s post, I hope you’ll gain some insight into the relationship between sin and sickness, and that your mind will be put at rest.

When I was very unwell, I remember going through every sin in the book, repenting and asking for forgiveness for any sin I could think of. 

I couldn’t understand why God wasn’t healing me.

Did I open the door to Satan? Is sin hindering the healing?


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Today’s post is about the healing touch of Jesus. In just one touch, we see Jesus healing an outcast transforming him from death to life. 

If you continue to read on, you’ll discover the science behind touch and how it has the power to heal your body.

You’ll change the way you view physical contact and you’ll seek ways to introduce more of it into your world.
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restore the years the locusts have eaten

Today we consider God’s promise to restore the years the locusts have eaten.

You’re going to learn the ways God restores and 5 steps you can take now to support His restoration.

May this post encourage you to believe that you still have a double portion in your future on earth, even if you’ve been ill for many years. I pray faith will rise and excitement will set in.

“I will restore to you the years the locusts have eaten” Joel 2:25

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loneliness of chronic illness

Loneliness and chronic illness go hand in hand. But there is good news (and bad.)

Unfortunately, loneliness can contribute to the onset of an illness and can therefore certainly hinder the healing process. The good news however is that we can do something about it; (and it’s not what you think.)

By the end of this post, I hope you will be set free from the impact loneliness may have on your body as you realise just how simple the solution is. (Plus Your faith will increase which is always a bonus)

In the early days, I struggled on my own with very few people understanding the impact the pain was having on my mental state, making me feel even more isolated.

I wonder if you feel different because you can no longer join in with ‘life’ and the activities you once enjoyed with others have now stopped? 
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evil conscience

Famous Psychiatrist Karl Menninger believes that an evil conscience is making people ill. So if you’re unwell in your body right now, I hope that this post may shed some light as to one possible reason believers are not receiving their healing.

This post also gives us some tips on how to allow God to set us free, thus opening the door to healing.

An evil conscience is really the Bible’s definition of being sin conscious. (Heb 10:22). It’s not the sin itself contributing to illness, but the guilt or condemnation that can sometimes follow it.

Menninger famously said that if he could convince those in his psychiatric hospitals that their sins were forgiven, 75% of them could walk out the next day.
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