Grace For Healing
God wants you well

Japenese scientist Masaru Emoto proved the power of our words by conducting a water experiment where he took samples of tap water and spoke to them. One sample he spoke words of life ‘you’re beautiful, I’m grateful for you, you’re amazing….’ and another sample he spoke words like ‘you disgust me, I hate you…’

He then photographed the samples and guess what happened?  the samples where he had spoken loving words to looked like beautiful diamonds or snowflakes under the microscope and the samples where he had spoken hateful or words of death to looked dirty and ugly under the microscope. Isn’t this just completely incredible?

This scientifically proves that your spoken words have power to create beauty or destruction, life or death. If your body is constituted of approx 60% water, just think of the impact your words have if you speak life over it.
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When I was around 6 years old, I split my chin open. Whilst I don’t remember this much, I do remember mum taking me to the toyshop afterwards. She wanted to make it up to me. In fact, every time I had to get the wound redressed by the nurse in the weeks that followed, we came home via the toyshop. My mum, like most parents, wanted to bless me generously to make up for the pain the injury had caused.

Our Father in Heaven wants to make up for all our trouble here on earth. He promises that there will be a benefit and that we’ll be better off as a result of the trouble. We call this a double portion, or The Spoils of War; the profits or prizes awarded upon winning a battle.

My favourite Bible character is Joseph, sold into slavery as a boy who lost it all; his home, family and freedom. Fast forward to later on in the story, we see an amazing leader, 2nd in command to Pharaoh. God had restored double and these were his spoils of war. 
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There are times when I am filled with terror and horror, it’s the only way I can describe it. Breathing becomes heavy and deliberate and my heart races yet the sensations in my chest or abdomen are so dense I can barely move. Does this sound familiar?

Experts call this the dorsal shut down state combined with the activation of the sympathetic nervous system. Polyvagal expert Deb Dana says ‘we cannot think our way to safety’ It’s an embodied experience and can’t be healed cognitively. Thankfully the power of the Word of God is spiritual, “piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow…” 

To bring me back down to that place of peace, I’ve learned to see Jesus as my Good Shepherd. Have you ever wondered why healing the the Shepherd appear together in Scripture?
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loss and grief

Loss and grief have to be the most painful experiences I have ever had; you know that deep hole you feel when someone or something so incredibly priceless is missing from life? Thankfully as Christians, there is a beautiful and comforting benefit in store for us whenever we feel we’ve been robbed. 

For me, coping with illness was only part of the problem. Underneath the physical was the torment of going through life alone with no family, the loss of career, finances, holidays, ability to walk and even sit…I felt like loss was my cruel companion. The life that was once ahead of me no longer existed. 

Today I wanted to share with you, the one thing that has kept me going throughout all these years of pain: God’s promises of double restoration
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If you don’t know much about the power of words and the link to healing, then this post will really bless you. 

When I first became unwell I would speak words of defeat all the time. “If God was going to heal me, he would have done it by now……my life has been destroyed…….I’m going to be in pain forever…” and so on. Have you ever spoken out words like that?

I basically just said what I was thinking and feeling so the people around would know how bad the situation was and the impact it was having on me. At this point I had no idea I was feeding the illness which delays the healing.

What do you speak out in those moments of distress? Do you say exactly what is in your heart at that moment? It might be because, like me, you’re just not aware of the impact those words have on your body. They actually reinforce the problem.
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god's will to heal



I remember in the early days before I knew God as well as I do now, being so confused as to why I wasn’t healed. I became so disheartened when God hadn’t healed me in the way or time scale I had supposed. But at that time, I just didn’t know much about how God heals.

As I continued on this healing journey, I soon came to understand that God heals in different ways. Initially, like most people I wanted that quick fix miracle, then I believed that the doctors would come through for me but when this didn’t happen, I fell down into the depths of despair.

Thankfully God didn’t leave me in that place for long (even though I fall down again and again, such is the reality of chronic pain). I wonder if you have given up believing because God hasn’t healed you yet? Have you journeyed for many years wondering what God is up to? Maybe you’re waiting for the right person to come along to lay hands on you? 

I hope this post sheds light on the mystery and confusion of the ‘waiting’ period. Could it be that God wants you to receive your healing in a way that opposes and challenges your assumptions?
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god's will to heal

A Will is a legally binding written document which clarifies a person’s wishes or desires after his death. How do we know God’s will for our lives? It’s written in His Word.

At the beginning of my own healing journey, I doubted God all the time. I couldn’t understand why, when I had prayed, fasted, spoken the Word over myself…and so on, that I was actually getting worse. I came to the conclusion that it just isn’t God’s will to heal me.

If you’ve been unwell for many years, it’s understandable if you’re thinking this too. You’re praying, believing, speaking the Word over yourself yet you’re not seeing results.  Now you’re settling that it’s just not God’s will. 

Well let me ask you this: If you had the power to take away your child’s illness, would you do it? I really want to share with you today why I am 100% convinced of the will of God in the area of healing. I hope this post increases your faith as you journey through this season.
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If you’ve been chronically ill for a long time, you may be asking yourself “Where is God?……Has he forgotten me?”  I remember asking myself these same questions. Watching everyone else live whilst my life had ‘stopped’. Praying and believing for breakthrough which just didn’t come…the months turned into years. Was God answering everyone else’s prayers? Why was He silent? The waiting caused as much hurt and confusion as the illness itself. Where was my healing?

I imagine you may be feeling similar? Do you feel as though you’re spectating life, watching everyone else live the abundant life whilst you’re struggling trying to survive as best you can. Maybe you also feeling robbed of the joy and pleasures you thought you’d experience. Have you ever cried “Where is God?” because God seems silent.

In this post I wanted to share with you why your healing is taking a long time to manifest…and it’s all good.
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god's wisdom

If you’ve never asked for Bible wisdom when praying for healing, then this post will show you why wisdom is the primary thing to pray for. 

If you could only ask God for one thing, what would it be? At the beginning of my healing journey, I would ask God for healing. At this point, I didn’t really know what else I should be praying for. Healing was the one thing I so desperately wanted. Is healing your main prayer? 

God appeared to Soloman in a dream and asked him this very question. I wonder what he would answer if he only had 6 months to live or if he’d been ill for many years? Would he have asked for healing instead? What would you ask for?
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faith for healing

The Bible teaches us that faith comes by hearing, but what does this mean for those of us who need healing? It’s easy to sit and pray but praying alone, outside the Word of God, is a bit like watering crops you’ve not planted. There needs to be seed for a harvest.



When I was at University I was the Queen of shortcuts! I was studying for a German degree, so reading the English translations of set texts was the ‘shortcut’ for me. So much quicker than reading in German. Yes I know it defeats the purpose, but it meant I could read the book in a much speedier way giving me more time to do what I wanted.

Are there times in your life, especially where healing is concerned, where you want the quick MacDonld’s fix? I guess we all want someone to lay hands on us so we can instantly see the physical results in our bodies.

This is wanting the shortcut and it’s not always God’s best for us. Healing has no shortcut; there is a hidden formula in Scripture we just can’t ignore. A formula which takes time…..
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