The goal of Grace For Healing is to see you healed and walking in the health that Jesus died to give you. 


So what does that mean?

  • Discipling you to walk in divine health irrespective of what your body might be telling you
  • To keep on growing, developing and moving forward regardless of circumstances.
  • Ultimately being free from pain and suffering whether that’s emotional or physical symptoms.
  • Understanding the mind body connection and the roots of disease. 
  • Increasing your capacity to receive healing.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

You’ve prayed, believed, fasted, spoken to the mountain, been anointed with oil, declared Scripture over your life….Amazing!…..but you’re still unwell! 

Healing is yours. It’s already been purchased. It’s free and has no side effects: no doctors, no medicines and no operations. The Body of Christ has a massive responsibility to create the right environment for someone to receive healing. This goes beyond the Sunday church services. I strongly believe that we need to disciple people from sickness to health. 

Healing Truths are evident throughout the whole of Scripture. Grace For Healing will teach, equip and develop you through weekly devotions, bite-size teachings and encouragements as you journey from sickness to health.

Are you ready to begin your healing journey? Wonderful!

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