Grace For Healing
God wants you well
patient in affliction

Living with a chronic illness comes with the role description of being patient in the affliction. Many people throw in the towel and give in.

With God, how you wait matters and how you occupy this waiting time is significant.

We don’t want to prolong this painful season more than is necessary so I invite you through this post to invest in good waiting habits that glorify God, ease frustration and invite transformation.

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job's three friends

Job’s infamous friends; we’ve all got them. You know, those ‘helpful’ Chrisitians who tell you what you’ve done wrong in your life to cause sickness. 

I had a woman in my life, who screened me for all my ‘shortcomings’. In her opinion, healing and obedience go hand in hand. ‘If God’s perfect, the problem is with you…’

It was wounding.
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lessons from Job

As Job seems to be the ‘go to’ book when we’re suffering; I thought it would be helpful to discuss the lessons from Job and how they apply to our healing journeys today.

I was sat in church a few years ago and was completely shocked to hear the visiting preacher say that the purpose of Job’s sufferings was for us to learn that our suffering will always be minor in comparison.

Oh my goodness, that does not sound like something a loving Father would ever say to his children! 
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the enemy comes to kill steal and destroy

 John 10:10 gives us the perfect description of sickness: It is your enemy and has the sole purpose to kill, steal and destroy you. 

This is what God thinks about illness. Understanding this will feed your faith for healing; otherwise you’ll believe one of the many myths that ‘God is waiting for you to deal with something…..God is teaching you a lesson…etc’.

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thorn in the flesh meaning

Today I wanted to share with you some teaching on the meaning of Paul’s thorn in the Flesh. The number of times I hear people assume that Paul had a sickness that God wouldn’t heal. 

If you believe this, then you will always doubt God for your healing.

The God who is Jehovah Rapha, who healed the multitudes, opened the eyes of the blind and raised the dead, yet in this case he refuses to heal his son Paul?
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healing in his wings

To conclude our series on the woman with the issue of blood, just why did she touch the hem of his garment? I wonder if she had revelation that healing is in his wings as was prophesied by Malachi.

The Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings;

Malachi 4:2


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trusting God through Chronic illness

When I realised that doctors couldn’t help me, I ultimately had a choice to either keep on trusting God through chronic illness or  tolerate and settle for a life of pain. 

The woman with the issue of blood in our series was faced with that same dilemma. She had a debilitating chronic condition which doctors couldn’t treat.

Are you faced with this same choice?

It’s not a coincidence that Jesus healed her on his way to heal Jairus’ daughter. God doesn’t see a life threatening illness worse than a chronic condition. 

I hope by continuing to read on, you’ll be encouraged and faith will rise as you keep on trusting God, the only one who can heal your body, as you journey through chronic illness.

Several years ago I had a painful and damaging experience in church. We were asked to raise our hands if we needed healing and of course I raised my hand. 
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set your face like flint

Have you ever set your face like flint? Let me explain what it means first:

For those UK readers, if you as old as me you’ll remember the Hillsborough tragedy. 96 people killed during the FA Cup semi-final in 1998.

For 20 years following the incident, parents and families of the victims continued relentlessly in search for truth and justice.
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bold faith

In the last post we looked at the extraordinary woman with the issue of blood who chose to pursue Jesus and initiate her own healing.

Healing doesn’t fall through the sky. I’m sure we all wish that someone would lay hands on us and instantly we receive!

(And sometimes this happens!)

My personal opinion (and experience) is that the healing God is desiring for us, is more likely to be a healing through our own faith. 
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stronger faith

Few people had faith stronger than the woman with the issue of blood; Jesus said “Daughter your faith has healed you”.

It’s easy to assume that we need a faith stronger than ever in order to receive a miracle. I don’t believe this is accurate however.

The Bible says we only need ‘faith as small as a mustard seed’ Luke 17:6. It’s not that we need a stronger faith to receive a healing, we may just need a different kind of faith.

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