Grace For Healing
God wants you well

I remember the days I prayed such desperate pleading prayers for healing. I was BEGGING God to heal; it really was life or death. Then I read about Moses and the Bronze serpent found in Numbers and everything changed.

From that day onwards, I no longer pleaded or begged God for healing. In fact, this revelation means I will never ask God for healing ever again. Not for myself or for others.

Today I share with you perhaps the greatest revelation I have had about God and His supernatural healing power.
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is God punishing me?

The thought that God is punishing us when we’re suffering is common, especially amongst those who don’t know God very well. It’s understandable when we read of God punishing sin so severely, even visiting people’s sins to the third and fourth generations!

Are you asking yourself this same question?

When I was a child, I just loved the story of Jonah and the Whale. The excitement and thrill that God would send a large fish to swallow someone whole.

As an adult, I see that the whale was saving Jonah and not a punishment for disobedience. In the mind of a child, being in a whale’s tummy was the worst thing that could ever happen! Surely this was punishment?
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by Jesus stripes

The most quoted healing Scripture surely is ‘by Jesus Stripes’ we are healed.

I’m sure you’ve said ‘by Jesus stripes’ hundreds of times in prayer. But do we really understand it deep in our hearts or is it just a phrase we’ve learned to quote?

Do you speak this from the heart with passion, with emotion and with revelation?

I know for me, the more I meditate on this verse, the deeper my faith for healing is and the greater my revelation of God’s love for me: two conditions that open the door for divine healing.
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No one living in Zion will say "I am ill"

Are you familiar with the verse ‘No one living in Zion will say, “I am ill” Is 33:24. What a challenging scripture for those children of God who are living with pain and suffering.

What about when you are ill?

I had people in my life for years telling me I was already healed. It was so hurtful at the time, as though they were devaluing my situation.

Eventually, I began to mentally understand the Truth that as a born-again believer I am already healed. See IS IT ALWAYS GOD’S WILL TO HEAL.

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spiritual causes for disease

Is there such a thing as demonic influence or spiritual causes for disease? and is this the reason you’re ill today?

According to the Gospels, demons are everywhere! Jesus delivered people from demonic influence all the time and often the demons did cause sickness and disease.

When I developed illness all those years ago, deliverance ministry was strong amongst Christian healing ministries around the globe.

My relationship with God was weak and consequently I believed this teaching, that there were spiritual causes for the disease I was living with. I was desperate for healing and willing to believe anything.
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Today I wanted to share a few thoughts on the healing of Jairus’ Daughter.

One of the favourite things about this story is that is shows that God is indiscriminate when it comes to healing.

Whether you’re a well known church leader that 1000s of people follow in instagram, or someone who is an outcast like the woman with the issue of blood, God will meet you and minister his healing.
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Canaanite woman Jesus

If you know the heart of Jesus, you will know how keen he is for us to be well and how it’s just not his nature to ignore us. So how do you explain the story of Jesus and the Canaanite woman whom he disregarded?

The story always baffled me as it appears to contradict the willingness and generosity of our beautiful Saviour.

Close inspection reveals that Jesus wasn’t ignoring the Canaanite woman. He was setting her up for her breakthrough.

I love this as it simply shows how we can approach Jesus when we too are believing him for a miracle.
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clothed in christ

How we see ourselves matters. The Bible says we’re clothed in Christ but seeing ourselves this way is sometimes way too challenging (or at least it is for me) when the symptoms in my body steal my attention morning, noon and night.

When chronic illness sets in, we condition ourselves unconsciously. The illness becomes a part of us whether we realise it or not.

You may cognitively recognise that illness is not your identity but unconsciously your thoughts, behaviour may tell an opposing story.

This reminds me of mixing different colours of play dough together. It’s impossible to separate them.
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living with chronic illness

When you think of how you’re living with chronic illness, are you allowing the Spirit in you to be in control, or have your negative coping strategies conditioned you to a place of the underdog?

In other words, are your survival skills running the show? 

If so, that’s completely ok and you are not alone. You have amazing protective parts which are helping you survive.

My survival strategies involved depending on other people to do things for me like the housework or the supermarket shopping and I would often lash out at my poor old mum.

I always felt better afterwards as I’d released a whole load of anger.

I wanted to talk about my situation all the time; the comfort from others helped me survive. I thought about suicide constantly, this caused me to feel calmer as it was my way out of the hell I was in. 
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Isn’t it frustrating when you’re living with an invisible illness, yet people think it’s quite minor because you look so well and healthy?

But the more negative attention you receive for having symptoms, the harder it will be to heal.

I’ve had experience of this. I remember once being in a church service where the minister invited the congregation to lay hands on the sick. No-one wanted to lay hands on me. Why? Because there was an elderly man with cancer in the room.

The church judged that this was worse.

I remember being so devastated. I’d lost 10 years of my life by this point, the man with cancer had only been ill for a few weeks.
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