Grace For Healing
God wants you well
The Battle Is Not Yours It’s The Lord’s

The Battle you face today is not yours, it’s the Lord’s. I don’t know about you, but when I hear this,  I feel a relaxation in my body, a calmness and a peace. 

Do you remember playing sports at school? I always wanted to be in the team that had the best players in. I wanted to win. 

Unfortunately I wasn’t very sporty so often the captain of the team wouldn’t pick me. 

Thankfully, our captain is our Father in Heaven and He has already chosen you. (And He’s on the winning team!)

Joseph Prince uses the analogy of a boxing match. The champion wins the battle and is awarded a trophy. He then goes home and gives the trophy to his wife. He did all the work but she benefits 
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demolish strongholds

Imagine sitting by the wayside and unable to see, probably for a great many years. Imagine the the conditioning, his thinking patterns and survival strategies. Bartimaeus chose to demolish such strongholds the day he met Jesus.

Could it be that God is inviting us to do the same?

‘Ill always be a blind beggar…..I don’t get the happiness everyone else gets…..I’ll never work…..It’s not fair…..Things will never change…….I’ve been this way too long…..’
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Blind Bartimaeus

Blind Bartimaeus honoured Jesus and this opened the door to his healing.

In his book, ‘The Honour Key’ Ps Russel Evans says this about the lifestyle of Jesus.

‘Every miracle, every breakthrough…….happened when people honored what he carried…..or honored who He was’

I remember listening to a John Bevere teaching on honour. He points out that there are far more healings and breakthroughs in Africa than in our Western countries, because of honour.

When Africans listen to the Word from a preacher, they are on the edge of their seats, captivated by what God is saying.
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healing of blind bartimaeus

There’s no doubt for me, that a living in chronic pain impacts how I see myself. This is one of the reasons I love the healing of Bartimaeus.

Pain drags me down, restricts me and stops me living. It’s easy to feel I’m sitting on the sidelines, watching people live.

The healing of Bartimaeus is a story of a man who is sat by the wayside, probably not feeling very good about himself either.

How has your illness affected your self esteem? Do you also see yourself as inferior or as though life has somehow forgotten you?
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I remember the days I prayed such desperate pleading prayers for healing. I was BEGGING God to heal; it really was life or death. Then I read about Moses and the Bronze serpent found in Numbers and everything changed.

From that day onwards, I no longer pleaded or begged God for healing. In fact, this revelation means I will never ask God for healing ever again. Not for myself or for others.

Today I share with you perhaps the greatest revelation I have had about God and His supernatural healing power.
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is God punishing me?

The thought that God is punishing us when we’re suffering is common, especially amongst those who don’t know God very well. It’s understandable when we read of God punishing sin so severely, even visiting people’s sins to the third and fourth generations!

Are you asking yourself this same question?

When I was a child, I just loved the story of Jonah and the Whale. The excitement and thrill that God would send a large fish to swallow someone whole.

As an adult, I see that the whale was saving Jonah and not a punishment for disobedience. In the mind of a child, being in a whale’s tummy was the worst thing that could ever happen! Surely this was punishment?
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by Jesus stripes

The most quoted healing Scripture surely is ‘by Jesus Stripes’ we are healed.

I’m sure you’ve said ‘by Jesus stripes’ hundreds of times in prayer. But do we really understand it deep in our hearts or is it just a phrase we’ve learned to quote?

Do you speak this from the heart with passion, with emotion and with revelation?

I know for me, the more I meditate on this verse, the deeper my faith for healing is and the greater my revelation of God’s love for me: two conditions that open the door for divine healing.
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No one living in Zion will say "I am ill"

Are you familiar with the verse ‘No one living in Zion will say, “I am ill” Is 33:24. What a challenging scripture for those children of God who are living with pain and suffering.

What about when you are ill?

I had people in my life for years telling me I was already healed. It was so hurtful at the time, as though they were devaluing my situation.

Eventually, I began to mentally understand the Truth that as a born-again believer I am already healed. See IS IT ALWAYS GOD’S WILL TO HEAL.

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spiritual causes for disease

Is there such a thing as demonic influence or spiritual causes for disease? and is this the reason you’re ill today?

According to the Gospels, demons are everywhere! Jesus delivered people from demonic influence all the time and often the demons did cause sickness and disease.

When I developed illness all those years ago, deliverance ministry was strong amongst Christian healing ministries around the globe.

My relationship with God was weak and consequently I believed this teaching, that there were spiritual causes for the disease I was living with. I was desperate for healing and willing to believe anything.
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