Grace For Healing
God wants you well

3 Pillars of Healing

Pillar 1 Foundation of God’s Healing


There are hidden treasures in the Word of God revealing God’s healing. There’s nothing more thrilling than to see God’s healing running right the way through the Bible. “The Foundation for God’s Healing” pillar is the essential ‘nuts and bolts’ of the healing journey.

When I was unwell, I found it so frustrating that people were believing all sorts of different things when it came to healing. I didn’t know who to listen to or what to believe. I wanted answers, and the more questions I asked, the more confused I became.

The result of this irritation for me was to seek God’s healing for myself and not listen to the interpretations of others. I wonder if you are finding something similar?


I want this platform to exhibit what I believe God is saying through his Word and hope it will give you some clarity.  Is healing God’s will or not and is it part of the atonement? If so, why are so many of us not receiving? Is there anything we can do to increase our capacity to receive?

There are so many myths around the area of God’s healing which confuses us even more: the misunderstanding over Paul’s thorn, whether or not God is teaching us something when we’re ill and if God is sovereign then does this mean healing is His decision?

I hope to shed some light on these lies by showing what God actually has to say so as not to keep us bound any further.

We can learn a lot about healing from The Early Church such as how we can use our authority, the most effective way to pray for healing and the significance of the bread, wine and anointing oil.

The Bible teaches us so much about how the Word of God works and how we can apply it as medicine. Is there anything that hinders the Word of God from working in our lives and can we be healed through reading the Word alone?

How important is our environment when it comes to healing? What role does the Church have and can we ever receive on the faith of others? I’ll also be writing posts about the role of each part of the Trinity when it comes to our healing and the impact our words have on whether or not we receive. These are all revelations God has spoken to me about so I pray and hope they will minister to you too.

I’ve called these healing foundations as I believe that they are fundamental to our healing journey because how well you rest in the finished work, is how well you navigate the wilderness season. Having such a firm belief system in place will guarantee you’ll stay the course no matter how long it takes.

Pillar 2 MindBody Revolution


When God designed us, he chose our minds and bodies to relate to each other, hence the mind-body connection. Neuroscientists, like Caroline Leaf, have been invaluable in explaining how traumas impact upon our bodies. In fact, the body is a reflection of the mind.

We can develop coping strategies, patterns of thinking and learned behaviours which often appear to us as ‘normal’, but results in our souls not prospering the way God intended.

We cannot look at healing therefore without exploring the possibility that our thinking, emotions, environment and the traumas we’ve lived through have contributed to the onset of the illnesses we now live with.

You may be praying for a physical issue, but often the problem is elsewhere so we can’t bypass this. If you’re living with a chronic illness, your healing could be in understanding the mind-body connection. The good news is, our brains can be rewired. Whoop whoop!

“Our souls are dismantled from birth and we must reassemble them as we age” Paul Scanlon

A really great prayer to pray when we’re unwell is ‘Lord, where is my soul not prospering?’

This category concerns the relationship between spirit, soul and body, the possible roots of disease and the cross-wiring of the limbic system. I explore the impact of trauma has on our bodies and the relationship between our authentic self and disease.

Does sin hinder our healing and what about unforgiveness, shame, fear or other emotions?

I believe how healed we are, very much depends on how we connect with the world around us. Separation from others and even ourselves can impact us on a physical level. Is love the solution? There will hopefully be something in what I say that resonates with you that you can apply to your own healing journey.

Pillar 3 The Healing Journey


If you’re on a healing journey, you probably feel like you’re in the wilderness right now.

You may know God’s will, his nature and his Word, but you still have to confront the daily reality of symptoms, often impacting on your relationships, careers and other areas of your life. I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about. 

How do we hold these 2 sides in tension?

Welcome to the Wilderness


God told Joshua he’d given him the land but the Israelites still had to progress forward and possess what was theirs. In the same way, the Bible is very clear, that healing is our inheritance, our land. Now we move forward.

You can do this and you can do this victoriously. 

Scripture teaches us that you will grow spiritually and become stronger when you’re in the Refiner’s fire.  You will face many disappointments as you ride this roller-coaster season and may even doubt God during this time as your circumstances contradict His Word.

There are so many verses and passages in the Bible that help us with this so I’m excited to share them with you.

Receiving the instant miracle isn’t always God’s best, I’m sure that’s what you want more than anything. I was the same but I’ve come to understand the relevance, blessing and the wisdom of God as He heals progressively over time.

The Bible gives us keys to navigating such storms of life and shows us how we can thrive even in the desert, allowing the Holy Spirit to comfort us as we adapt to a new normal.

Is there a correct or an incorrect attitude to adopt during this journey? How do we best cope with pain and suffering in the day to day? Do we just accept our fate when the healing doesn’t happen on our time frame? or will tolerating our circumstances hinder our progress?

How can we allow God to restore all that the enemy has taken away from us during this season? Where is God? Why is this taking so long? I had many questions throughout my healing journey as I’m sure you do.

I believe that one of the biggest hindrances for those who have been ill for many years is the unconscious conditioning that causes limitations, comfort zones and ceilings; The Bible can really help us with this.

How do we overcome weariness and continue to choose life when we’re drowning in a sea of the moment to moment symptoms? What kind of environment do we need to make for ourselves whilst we’re on this journey? How can we include others when they don’t understand?

I don’t claim to know it all or even be an expert, but if I can help you even just a little, then I have succeeded what I feel God is asking of me.

Imagine a life where this illness is a thing of the past. Think of how incredible your life will be. How awesome that God’s dream for your life is greater than this! I hope imagining that dream motivates you to press into all He has for you.

God wants you well, even more than you do. I pray as you journey through this season and allow God’s Word to sink into your spirit, that you will increase your capacity to receive your healing. Nothing is impossible when we get in agreement with God.