Grace For Healing
God wants you well

3 Pillars of Healing



There are hidden treasures in the Word of God revealing God’s healing. There’s nothing more thrilling than to see God’s healing running right the way through the Bible. 

“The Foundation for God’s Healing” pillar is the essential ‘nuts and bolts’ of the healing journey.

In my experience, people tend to believe all sorts of different things when it comes to healing, it’s hard to know who to listen to or what to believe. 

I wonder if you are finding something similar?

I want this website to exhibit what I believe God is saying through his Word and hope it will give you some clarity into an area that seems to bring with it much confusion.

I’ve called these healing foundations as I believe that, for Christians, they are fundamental to the healing journey.

Having such a firm belief system in place will help you as you trust God in your walk with Him.




When God designed us, he chose our minds and bodies to relate to each other, hence the mind-body connection. 

We can develop coping strategies, patterns of thinking and learned behaviours which often appear to us as ‘normal’, but result in our souls not prospering the way God intended.

There is now plenty of scientific evidence proving that adverse childhood experiences contribute to the onset of chronic illness.

Trauma and stress can become trapped in the body causing disease.

You may have a physical issue, but often the root of the problem is elsewhere so we can’t bypass this.

“Our souls are dismantled from birth and we must reassemble them as we age” Paul Scanlon

This category concerns the relationship between spirit, soul and body, the possible roots of disease and the cross-wiring of the limbic system.

I explore the impact of trauma has on our bodies and the relationship between our authentic self and disease.

I also believe how healed we are, very much depends on how we connect with the world around us. 

Separation from others and even ourselves can impact us on both a physiological and a physical level.

There will hopefully be something in what I say that resonates with you that you can apply to your own healing journey.




My personal opinion, is that we’re all on healing journeys. God is healing is back to the person He saw when he laid the foundation of the world. 

We may know God’s will, his nature and His Word, but we still have to confront the daily reality of our symptoms, often impacting on our relationships, careers and other areas of our life. I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about.

How do we hold these 2 sides in tension?

God told Joshua he’d given him the land but the Israelites still had to progress forward and possess what was theirs. 

In the same way, the Bible is very clear, that healing is our inheritance, our land. Now we move forward.

In my experience, receiving the instant miracle isn’t always God’s best, I’m sure that’s what you want more than anything. 

Over the years, I’ve come to understand the relevance, blessing and the wisdom of God as He heals progressively over time.

One of the biggest hindrances for those who have been ill for many years, or chronically dysreguated is the unconscious conditioning that causes limitations, comfort zones and ceilings.

I don’t claim to know it all or even be an expert, but if I can help you even just a little, then I have succeeded what I feel God is asking of me.

God wants you well, even more than you do.

I pray as you journey through this season and allow God’s Word to sink into your spirit, that you will be filled with hope and that faith will grow.