Grace For Healing
God wants you well


Hi! I’m Lorna.

I’m a former teacher turned counsellor with a passion for God’s healing and the mind-body connection.

In this website, I post regular blog posts sharing personal thoughts on how to combine counselling concepts with God’s Word. 

I write this blog to support and encourage those of all ages who are chronically ill. 

The posts will fall into 3 categories, or what I’ve called 3 Pillars of Healing:

  • The Healing Foundation
  • The Mind and Body Connection
  • The Healing Journey

I don’t give advice or comment on people’s situations.

As I say in the disclaimer, the content of this blog is purely my thoughts, beliefs and what I think God is saying.

If you’re living in the UK and interested in counselling, please see here.

See also the terms of use and the privacy notice.