Grace For Healing
God wants you well


Hi! I’m Lorna.

I’m a teacher turned counsellor with a passion for God’s healing and the mind-body connection.

In this website, I post weekly articles on different areas of God’s incredible healing to help others on their healing journeys. 

I write this blog to support and encourage those of all ages who are chronically ill. This is everything I’ve learned throughout my healing journey and those things I wish someone had taught me 20 years ago. 

I’m sure you’re praying, fasting, believing, speaking to the mountain, declaring Scripture…..(all these are amazing by the way) but your situation hasn’t changed and now you’re wondering if you’ll always be ill? I understand your frustration, I was exactly the same. 

“Why are some healed and others not? If God was going to heal me, He would have healed me by now… Do I have enough faith?…” I had those same questions!

I pray that as you continue your journey, and as you familiarise yourself with the content within this website, you’ll start to have a greater revelation of God’s healing and begin to see his will manifest in your mind and body.

The posts will fall into 3 categories, or what I’ve called 3 Pillars of Healing:

  • The Healing Foundation
  • The Mind and Body Connection
  • The Healing Journey


Read on to find out more…!


How it all started



Once upon a time, I had dreams of having a career, a husband, children and plans of travelling but in my mid-20’s I began to feel very unwell. To cut a long story short, I developed a form of chronic pain which spread to multiple parts of my body. 

The pain was so horrific, it was like having acid poured over me and then being stung by nettles on top, even morphine didn’t touch the pain. On bad days, the simplest tasks like getting out of bed or getting dressed were impossible. 

My mum helped look after me. It hurt to walk, sit or do anything without bursting into tears for pain. The nerves in my body weren’t functioning at all. There were times when I couldn’t even wear clothes. 

It’s hard to imagine that an illness like this even exists, isn’t it?

Life wasn’t just on hold, it had stopped. 

Doctors tried everything they could…nerve blocks, infusions, even a neuromodulator but nothing worked. Even the top guru Dr in London with all his state of the art equipment couldn’t help. They had to eventually admit defeat. 

I was in torment, suicidal and desperate for God to take me away from the world. Dying was a better alternative than living like this. The months turned into years and then decades.

Back then, no-one knew what caused this kind of chronic illness. 20 years ago there was no teaching on the mind-body connection that we have access to today. I was really at the mercy of the doctors and their prognosis. 

But God…

Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed

Romans 4:18

I knew the answer was in the Bible. It had to be. And so began the journey of searching for those hidden treasures in the Word. Discovering that healing is evident throughout the Bible from the Garden of Eden onwards became my source of daily encouragement.

Today I really want to share these revelations with you to hopefully build your faith and encourage you as you trust God in your journey.

What this website isn’t?

This is not a wellness website. I don’t speak of exercise, supplements, diet etc. There are plenty of resources out there to help you with this.

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I don’t give advice. As I say in the disclaimer, the content of this blog is purely my thoughts, beliefs and what I think God is saying.