Grace For Healing
God wants you well

Today’s post explains why person-centred counselling is a conducive environment for any individual on a healing journey.

I would like to show today, why we can view the person-centred counselling approach through a Christian lens.

Originated by Carl Rogers, counsellors use this theory all over the globe and for good reason. People start to become who God created them to be.

We’ll explore how, while a child is planned by God, the person they eventually become may not align with God’s original intentions and how, through the person-centred counselling approach, the person begins to heal and align with who God created him to be.

When Jesus ministered, He did so as though the individual was the only person in the world. Jesus was person-centred. He sees the individual.

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filthy rags

Today we look at self-righteousness, or filthy rags as it’s referred to in Scripture. This is part 3 of the series on the healing of the paralysed man lowered through the roof in front of Jesus. 

In a crowded house, no doubt numerous people needed healing. We’re told ‘And the power of the Lord was present to heal them.’ Luke 5:17

 Yet as far as we know, only the paralysed man received. So why was the paralysed man and his friends so different to everyone else that day?
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jesus saw their faith

When Jesus saw four men lower their paralysed friend through the roof, the Bible says ‘Jesus saw their faith.’

Today we look at the visible active faith that impressed Jesus so much and I’ll suggest 5 possible ways our faith can also be seen.

In our healing journeys, how can we ensure that we have the active faith that these guys had?

Do we need to impress Jesus with our faith? What does faith without works is dead mean?
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godly friends

Today is part 1 of my series about the story of Jesus healing the man who was lowered through the roof. Today’s focus is on the 4 Godly friends who carried their paralysed friend to Jesus. 

I’ll share my thoughts on how we recognise the right Godly friends and identify the wrong ones!

As we walk through the healing journey, we must surround ourselves with Godly friends. Right at the beginning of the Bible, God says ‘It’s not good that man should be alone’ Gen 2:18
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help my unbelief

The Bible says a hardened heart, is an unbelieving one. Today’s post is a discussion on how we can support and help ourselves with unbelief.

God wants us to have a childlike faith, but through the years we become hardened to the truth of God’s Word, sometimes unconsciously.

We pray and claim to believe Him for certain things to come to pass, but as the months turn to years, the faith we once had can dwindle.

I’m sure you’ve heard the analogy of the frog in boiling water. Put a frog in a pan, gradually increase the heat and the frog boils to death. But, put the frog in boiling water to begin with, and the frog jumps out of the pan.

I think unbelief in God’s promises can be a bit like that, especially in regard to healing.
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as a man thinks in his heart

The Bible tells us that we think with our hearts. “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he” Pro 23:7 If you’re believing God for a healing, then using your spiritual eyes is a must.

Today’s post is about the use of our imagination and how, when used correctly, it can pre-requisite our healing.

If you find it difficult to allow yourself to dream, I will suggest some reasons why, and then I’ll give you 5 ideas on how to use your imagination in alignment with the Word of God.
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Do forgiveness and healing go hand in hand?

Today I explore the relationship between forgiveness and healing. 

We understand the necessity of forgiving others, but what if we don’t? Will it hinder our healing?  Does it cause disease? 

I will then give 5 steps to implement to help us forgive when we are healing. 

As Christians, we know we are meant to forgive. God invites us to forgive those who wrong us, it’s even in the Lord’s prayer. But what happens to our bodies when we don’t? 
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the refiner's fire

Welcome to part 2 of The Refiner’s Fire

In the last post, we discussed whether the healing journey and the refiner’s fire are synonymous. I personally believe they are 2 separate things, yet with similarities.

(If you haven’t read the last post, please do so here.)

Today we look at the ways in which we can cooperate with God whilst either on a healing journey or going through the refiner’s fire.

Even if you are believing God for healing, you may still find yourself in the refiner’s fire.
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I think it’s fair to say that if you’re journeying through chronic illness today, you probably feel you are in the furnace of affliction, otherwise known as the ‘refiner’s fire’. 

It is a common belief amongst Christians that ‘God is in control so allows sicknesses and tragedies to teach, discipline, grow and refine us.’

I used to subscribe to this thinking also.

However, as I continue along this journey, the more convinced I am that there are significant aspects to the refiner’s fire and the furnace of affliction which don’t, in my eyes, correlate to the healing journey.
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