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life and death is in the power of words

If you don’t understand why the Bible quotes ‘Life and death is in the power of the tongue’ and the link this has to healing, then this post will really bless you. 

You’ll instantly change the words you use, especially those concerned with your healing journey. The last thing you want is to hinder your own healing because you were ignorant of this powerful Truth.

When we’re feeling discouraged, we can easily allow our words to be full of defeat.

“If God was going to heal me, he would have done it by now……my life has been destroyed…….I’m going to be in pain forever…” and so on.

Have you ever spoken out words like that?


Often we say what we think and feel so the people around would know how bad the situation is and the impact it is having on us.

What do you speak out in those moments of distress? Do you say exactly what is in your heart at that moment?

But these words actually reinforce the problem.


“The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”

Pro 18:21

The Bible teaches that our words are containers of life and death. Our words are seeds, so if we’re wanting a harvest of health we need to plant words of life.

This is our responsibility, not God’s. 

Toxic words aren’t just lies or swear words, but also negativity or fear-induced words.

We’re releasing death into the atmosphere, and also our bodies because of the power of words. How can we expect victory when we keep speaking words of defeat?

Wouldn’t it be sad that some don’t get well because they never understood this principle?

If we want healing to manifest in our bodies, our thoughts and words must come into alignment with the Word of God. Otherwise, our prayers are null and void.

However, we can’t just speak ‘Truth’ unless we really believe it. Otherwise, our nervous systems know we’re lying.

There can’t be an incongruence between what we really believe and what we speak. Neuroscientists like Caroline Leaf call this a lack of integrity.

So what do we do? If we speak what we believe, then we speak death over ourselves. If we speak what the Bible says, then we’re not being integral which in itself can contribute to sickness.




The Bible tells us that ‘out of the heart the mouth speaks’. Matt 12:34. The way to speak words in line with the Word of God is to ensure we’re meditating in the Word.

This way we will speak words of life consistently.

Every day, spending time in the Bible, listening to anointed preachers or declaring Scripture over ourselves.

The Word needs to be in our hearts as this is what will determine what consistently comes out of our mouths during moments of stress. 

If we don’t meditate on God’s word, we’re speaking words of truth in our own strength and if they’re not in alignment with our hearts, we’ll be in conflict.

 The 10 spies reported reality when they gave what the Bible says is a ‘bad report’.  There were powerful giants in the land but they said exactly what they saw with their natural eyes. 

But such was the power of their words, they totally ensnared themselves and never entered the Promised Land. 

In the same way, how many times do we give a ‘bad report’ when telling people about our health?

‘This illness will destroy me… ever got better from this……I only have 5% chance of survival…..’ Of course we’re looking at the situation in the natural, just like the 10 spies. 

So how can we faithfully discuss our situation? How can we tell of our health condition, which is our reality, and it not be a ‘bad report’? 




Joshua and Caleb never denied the reality, but they saw the giants from God’s perspective.

They were able to offer a faith filled report that honoured the magnitude of God. “We will devour them (the giants)….God is with us…” Num 14:9.

In other words “I have been diagnosed with a terminal cancer…but God says ‘I am restoring health unto you and healing your wounds’

…….’I have been in pain for over 20 years…..but God ‘sent forth his Word in order to heal’ so I know I’m getting better.”

This way we don’t suppress our reality or tell lies. We are honouring our reality but still speaking God’s Truth over our situation.

What we’re saying, is in-agreement with what’s in our hearts.

life and death is in the power of the tongue




Words are everywhere. They’re in books, on TV and of course we’re communicate verbally with others every day.

What if you’re in an environment of negativity or those surrounding you are speaking words of defeat?

I believe that listening to such words is also toxic, even though you’re not speaking them yourself.

  • When Jesus healed Jairus’ daughter, he removed the negativity from others in the room first. (Mark 5:40).
  • Before John the Baptist was born, God sealed the lips of his father Zechariah (Luke 1:20). Had he spoke words of defeat he very well may have stopped the fulfilment of the promise.

Are you surrounding yourself with those who speak toxic words? Is there any way you can ask them not to or remove yourself from their presence?

Your healing may depend upon it.

Imagine a world where we all released life into the atmosphere and into our bodies. Our role is to meditate upon God’s word and allow him to do the rest.

Think of the difference this would create if our words matched God’s Truth? Remember ‘Life and death is in the power of the tongue’

I hope this has blessed you today. Did you know about the power of words before? How will you now tweak some of the things you talk about?

Lorna x

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