Grace For Healing
God wants you well
prayer with authority

Today we look at how to pray with authority and it is part 2 of our series on The Centurion who approached Jesus.

When I joined my church, I noticed something very different about the way they were praying. There was authority, boldness and conviction. 

They declared victory.

My prayers seemed a bit weak and wimpy in comparison. I realised I had to change and step up my prayer life. Not so much about the time spent in prayer, but how I was praying.

A typical prayer for healing sounds like ‘Please God heal me’ which is a begging prayer and suggests a lack of revelation about our healing at the Cross.
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your sins are forgiven

When Jesus healed the paralysed man lowered before him, He first declaredWhen He saw their faith, He said to him, “Man, your sins are forgiven you.” Luke 5:20

Most people I know would interpret this as proving the link between unconfessed sin and sickness. 

It is a common interpretation that the man had sins in his life and therefore either caused his paralysis or hindered his healing.

Today I’m going to share my understanding of this passage; I hope it sets you free from any confusion or condemnation that your sin may have caused or delayed your healing. 
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the righteousness of god in Christ Jesus

If you’re a Christian, you’re the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, yet we don’t always understand how our beliefs from childhood can counter this Truth. 

This is part 4 of my series on The Healing of the Man Lowered through the Roof and it follows on from WHY OUR FILTHY RAGS MAY HINDER HEALING

Today we look at ways in which we can support ourselves from the filthy rags which hinder our relationship with the Lord (and His healing) and adopt our true identity, as the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. 
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filthy rags

Today we look at self-righteousness, or filthy rags as it’s referred to in Scripture. This is part 3 of the series on the healing of the paralysed man lowered through the roof in front of Jesus. 

In a crowded house, no doubt numerous people needed healing. We’re told ‘And the power of the Lord was present to heal them.’ Luke 5:17

 Yet as far as we know, only the paralysed man received. So why was the paralysed man and his friends so different to everyone else that day?
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jesus saw their faith

When Jesus saw four men lower their paralysed friend through the roof, the Bible says ‘Jesus saw their faith.’

Today we look at the visible active faith that impressed Jesus so much and I’ll suggest 5 possible ways our faith can also be seen.

In our healing journeys, how can we ensure that we have the active faith that these guys had?

Do we need to impress Jesus with our faith? What does faith without works is dead mean?
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godly friends

Today is part 1 of my series about the story of Jesus healing the man who was lowered through the roof. Today’s focus is on the 4 Godly friends who carried their paralysed friend to Jesus. 

I’ll share my thoughts on how we recognise the right Godly friends and identify the wrong ones!

As we walk through the healing journey, we must surround ourselves with Godly friends. Right at the beginning of the Bible, God says ‘It’s not good that man should be alone’ Gen 2:18
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the man with the withered hand

Today’s blog post is about the man with the withered hand. If you know the story, Jesus instructs him to ‘stretch forth his hand’ and his healing followed.

We’ll consider 5 ways we can become ‘withered’ on our healing journeys and in life. Then we’ll look at how we can gradually ‘stretch’ ourselves in a tolerable way that invites healing. 

Let’s dive in
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the hem of Jesus' garment

You probably wish ‘if only I could reach out and touch the hem of Jesus’ garment, then I would be miraculously healed’!

Today we look at the significance of the hem of Jesus’ garment and the secret meaning that lies within it. (You’ll never read this passage of Scripture in the same way again.)

In this post I reveal 4 tips based on the meaning of the hem of Jesus’ garment that we can apply to our healing journey.

You see, metaphorically speaking, I believe the hem of Jesus’ garment is still healing today.

Here’s how:

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lies Christians believe

Today we’re going to look at 5 common lies that Christians tend to believe about healing. This is part 4 of our series on the Woman with the Issue of Blood.

By reading this post, you’ll find greater freedom because lies always keep us limited and bound. 

Have you ever thought ‘God won’t heal me now because I’ve made too many mistakes…..God is more likely to heal the super spiritual…..My illness is minor compared to others….’

Oftentimes we confuse human nature with God’s, but the Bible tells us God’s thoughts are so much higher than ours.

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set your face like flint

To set your face like flint means to be sold out to your cause.

I remember thinking some time ago, If I want a miracle from God, this is the determination I need. In this post, I’ll suggest 3 ways of how to increase determination to invite breakthrough.

For those UK readers, if you’re as old as me you’ll remember the Hillsborough tragedy. 96 people killed during the FA Cup semi-final in 1998.

For 20 years following the incident, parents and families of the victims continued relentlessly in search for truth and justice.
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