Grace For Healing
God wants you well
loneliness epidemic

One of the hardest things for me in the past 20 years is the loneliness of chronic illness. In the early days, I struggled on my own with very few people understanding the impact the pain was having on my mental state, making me feel even more isolated.

Do you now feel different because you can no longer join in with ‘life’ and the activities you once enjoyed with others have now stopped? 



We crave connection and to be understood. It starts when we connect with our mothers the moment we’re held for the very first time. This gives acceptance, love and security. When illness happens though, we sense the lack of understanding by others which causes us to experience disconnection. 
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guilt and shame

Famous Psychiatrist Karl Menninger, famously said that if he could convince those in his psychiatric hospitals that their sins were forgiven, 75% of them could walk out the next day.

One of my biggest enemies has to be a guilty conscience. Sometimes I feel I have a magnet in my head, attracting all the things I’ve ever done wrong, even those ‘perceived’ wrongs, to my thinking. Then I start to ruminate.

The condemning ‘I should have…’ ‘if only…’ type of thoughts often dominates thinking. Do you ruminate on mistakes and regrets and allow them to steal your present moments? Even if you’re not aware, on some level, a guilty conscience can sometimes ‘live’ in your unconscious. Your body remembers what the mind cannot.

You may even replay the painful memories of your sins, flaws or mistakes time and time again, like a bad movie. Too many of us are going around feeling guilty about the past. The Bible says this is an ‘evil conscience’. (Heb 10:22) .

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Bible hope

Have you given up hope that you’ll ever be well again? I believe after reading this post you’ll have a fresh revelation of Bible hope and why it’s so very different to the hope you’re maybe more familiar with.

My situation was impossible, doctors couldn’t help me and it seemed like life was over until I discovered the value of knowing Bible Hope in my situation. I had been waiting and waiting; the months had turned to years yet still no breakthrough. I’d resigned to the fact that this illness was here to stay.

Are your symptoms persisting and your pain continuing for what seems like a lifetime? Maybe you’ve also started to tolerate your situation believing that this is your lot in life. I hear you and I know that despair.

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