Grace For Healing
God wants you well
the hem of Jesus' garment

You probably wish ‘if only I could reach out and touch the hem of Jesus’ garment, then I would be miraculously healed’!

Today we look at the significance of the hem of Jesus’ garment and the secret meaning that lies within it. (You’ll never read this passage of Scripture in the same way again.)

In this post I reveal 4 tips based on the meaning of the hem of Jesus’ garment that we can apply to our healing journey.

You see, metaphorically speaking, I believe the hem of Jesus’ garment is still healing today.

Here’s how:

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God's thoughts are higher

Today we’re going to look at how God’s thoughts are higher when it comes to healing.

I’m going to debunk 3 common myths Christians often believe when it comes to healing. By reading this post, you’ll find a greater freedom because lies always keep us limited and bound. 

Have you ever thought ‘God won’t heal me now because I’ve made too many mistakes…..God is more likely to heal the super spiritual…..My illness is minor compared to others….’

Oftentimes we confuse human nature with God’s, or we try and second guess him, but the Bible tells us God’s thoughts are so much higher than ours.
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set your face like flint

To set your face like flint means to be sold out to your cause.

I remember thinking some time ago, If I want a miracle from God, this is the determination I need. In this post, I’ll suggest 3 ways of how to increase determination to invite breakthrough.

For those UK readers, if you’re as old as me you’ll remember the Hillsborough tragedy. 96 people killed during the FA Cup semi-final in 1998.

For 20 years following the incident, parents and families of the victims continued relentlessly in search for truth and justice.
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stronger faith

Few people had faith stronger than the woman with the issue of blood; Jesus said “Daughter your faith has healed you”.

Today we’re going to look at 3 different types of faith so you can see which one you identify with:

  • Inactive Faith
  • Re-active Faith
  • Proactive Faith

I do remember stressing many years ago, concerned that I didn’t have enough faith for healing. There are so many people around that say it’s lack of faith that stops God’s healing.
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share your testimony

Today we learn the biblical definition of the word ‘testimony’ (and it’s probably not what you think.) Plus the 5 best reasons to share your testimony today.

Do you need a miracle healing? The key to your breakthrough may very well be in the mouth of someone else.

Someone’s healing depends on what you carry. Your Testimony:

  1. Is prophetic and powerful
  2. Spurs on faith
  3. Heals loneliness
  4. Points people to Jesus
  5. Creates a ripple effect

If the woman with the issue of blood needed to hear about Jesus (aka someone’s healing testimony), in order to receive healing, then the same is true of us.

And, we all love a good story.

When I taught Nursery aged children, I always read a Bible story on a Friday. The children would listen attentively with their jaws open wide, savouring every word from the Children’s Bible.

What is more exciting than a man who ends up in the tummy of a fish or in the lion’s den? Our testimonies point people to the wonder and amazement of our Father who longs for people to see his miraculousness. 

Testimonies are real life stories of God’s goodness; so much better than Holywood!
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do not be conformed

The Bible asks us to NOT be conformed to the pattern of this world’s thinking.

Today we look at 4 areas that can keep us stuck in our thinking whilst on a healing journey. I believe the woman with the issue of blood needed to change her thinking in these areas in order to receive her healing.

  1. Self-righteousness
  2. Not knowing God’s love
  3. Condemnation
  4. Victimhood

I pray this post will help you identify if any of these areas are keeping you stuck a little as you believe God for healing. 
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father's heart

If I were to support someone on a healing journey, I would always start by checking how they experience the Father’s heart. 

“And we have known and believed the love that God has for us. God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him.” 1 john 4:16

You might be thinking ‘of course I know that God loves me’. But to know that God loves you, and to experience the Father’s heart intimately are not the same.

One is cognitive, the other experiential. 
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sabbath healing

Why did Jesus choose the day of rest, the Sabbath, for some of his healing miracles?

By the end of this post you’ll gain an understanding of why Jesus healed on the Sabbath and what this means for us as New Covenant believers.

You’ll also gain 5 tips for introducing the mindset of rest into your lifestyle which increases your capacity to receive a healing.

Jehovah Rapha is translated as ‘I am the Lord who heals you’. (Ex 15:26). The Hebrew word ‘rapha’ means both ‘to heal’ and also ‘relax’ thus putting resting and healing together.
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faith in man

Today’s post is about how we can determine if our faith is in God or man?

We can have faith in man on 3 levels when believing God for healing.

  • Faith in medicine
  • Faith in the church
  • Faith in self

There can be a very fine line because we need to have faith filled Christians around us and often God does use medicine. It’s also easy to have faith in our faith!

I hope by the end of this post, you’ll be more aware of the danger of trusting in the wrong thing and how easy it is to do.
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God's approval

The story of Naaman shows us that God’s approval is able to heal our shame. 

Today we look at the relationship between God’s approval and shame. Then I’ll offer 5 steps to help you apply this learning to your own life.

So let’s look at shame:

In my last post I shared of how, as a young girl, I was ashamed of my freckles. They made me different from my friends. In fact on one occasion a girl in my class at school, called me ‘Heinze baked beans face’. I was crushed. 

The feeling of disgust towards a part of me arose. I tried everything to hide them, get rid of them or cover them up. 
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