Grace For Healing
God wants you well
set your face like flint

To set your face like flint means to be sold out to your cause.

I remember thinking some time ago, If I want a miracle from God, this is the determination I need. In this post, I’ll suggest 3 ways of how to increase determination to invite breakthrough.

For those UK readers, if you’re as old as me you’ll remember the Hillsborough tragedy. 96 people killed during the FA Cup semi-final in 1998.

For 20 years following the incident, parents and families of the victims continued relentlessly in search for truth and justice.

These families had pure whole hearted persistence, they set their face like flint. Why? Because their loved one was completely worth it.




The Bible describes Jesus in this way when he persevered through the horror of the crucifixion. He set his face like flint because you are worth it.

For the Lord God will help Me; Therefore I will not be disgraced; Therefore I have set My face like a flint, And I know that I will not be ashamed.

Is 50:7

Heb 12:2 tells us that Jesus “for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross…” (He’s talking about us!) He knew that the joy of having relationship with us far outweighs his suffering.

How inspirational is this for anyone who is journeying through a difficult time?

Living with a chronic illness is tiring and often emotional but if we set our face like flint we will journey through it victoriously. I’m talking about an attitude of resolve, single-mindedness and commitment.

The woman with the issue of blood had an attitude that said ‘My health means everything to me and I will do whatever it takes to get well, for as long as it takes’.

I believe, this is how we position ourselves for a miracle healing.




I have heard people criticize others for being desperate and how that’s not the right posture for healing. I completely disagree.

Let’s face it, how desperate do you need to be to risk a prison sentence?

set your face like flint

How eager were the paralysed man and his friends when they made a hole in someone’s roof or the leper who risked stoning to death? 

I think God permits us to crave for the breakthrough. Desperation breeds determination which creates the foundation for me to set my face like flint.

I think this story proves it’s okay to be desperate, it causes us to draw close to Jesus.




The movie Soul Surfer tells the true story of 13 year old professional surfer Bethany Hamilton, who lost her arm to a shark bite. 

It looked as though she would never surf again and certainly not be able to partake in professional competitions. Bethany refused to allow her situation hinder her.

Bethany set her face like flint.

She pushed past the stares and the disbelief of others when she relearnt to surf with just one arm. Bethany kept on training, believing she was well able to win professional competitions once again.






This is a woman who risked serious consequences for being out in public with her condition. I don’t know the punishment, possibly stoning or imprisonment. 

But her healing meant that much to her she risked her life. Let’s face it, she was already in prison. If you’re living with a chronic condition, perhaps that’s how you feel; please know you’re not alone. 

The good thing about her suffering (if I can say that), is that it caused her to press into God. 

She didn’t accept defeat when the months turned into years because she had a relentless spirit  that persevered and kept on going. 

She was willing to risk everything. I think that her suffering was so terrible that even death was attractive. 

We may not risk death for my healing, but we do need to set our face like flint. This means taking a different type of risk. We need to risk the pain of disappointment by raising our expectations. 

I believe God invites us to take the limits off him again and believe in something beyond our wildest dreams. This is a risk. 

I know I speak to myself here. After all these years, raising my hopes AGAIN. I hope you’ll join me in this challenge?

The only way we can do this is with a renewed mind. See FORMULA FOR HEALING IN THE WORD OF GOD




As a chronically ill person, perhaps you would rather stay in bed on a Sunday rather than go to church? Maybe you don’t feel like serving because you’re in too much pain? 

Let’s face it, being surrounded by people is the last thing you feel like when you’re suffering. I understand, I’ve been there too.

Some people feel like they are spectating and watching others live.

But in order for me to set my face like flint for my miracle healing, we need to be planted in the church. See IS THE MEANING OF BETHESDA THE KEY TO YOUR BREAKTHROUGH?

One of the saddest things I’ve witnessed, is when chronically ill people choose to stay at home and just watch online, leading to more isolation.

I believe healing is in the church.




Have you ever been on the receiving end of someone’s anger? It’s not nice is it? 

But this incredible woman didn’t care about what people thought of her. She was unclean, a bit like a leper who risked ‘infecting’ someone else if they touched her.

She risked anger, judgement and hatred from others. but, nothing was going to stop her from reaching Jesus. 

In the example of Bethany Hamilton, I imagine she faced all sorts of obstacles – people’s negative opinions, personal strongholds, unfair competition.

This reminds me of Bartimaeus who also was undeterred by the crowds around him demanding he shut up and leave Jesus alone.

In the celebrity-driven world of social media, more than ever people pursue popularity. Whilst people may not hate us, we can allow their comments, rejection or behaviour to hurt us.

Maybe you think you don’t ‘tick the right boxes’. Perhaps you feel left out or different like you don’t belong. When you set your face like flint you put Jesus and His sacrifice above anyone else’s opinion or acceptance.

The Bible tells us “the LORD looks at the heart.” 1 sam 16:7. The woman with the issue of blood had a heart that that prioritised Jesus

Can you imagine your healing journey if you adopted the same heart-felt determined attitude where nothing or no-one will deter you from seeking Jesus?

This is what it means to set your face like flint. How much does your healing mean to you? 

I believe Jesus went to hell literally for you and me to receive healing. See IS IT ALWAYS GOD’S WILL TO HEAL? 

How can this not encourage us to press in and believe Him for a breakthrough?

Can you think of where you might be compromising your faith because you’re afraid to get your hopes up?

Thanks for reading today, I hope this helps you on your journey.

God Bless

Lorna x

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