Our Words Are Powerful

When I first became unwell I would speak words of defeat all the time. “If God was going to heal me, he would have done it by now……my life has been destroyed…….I’m going to be in pain forever…” and so on. I basically just said what I was thinking and feeling so the people around would know how bad the situation was and the impact it was having on me. At this point I had no idea I was feeding the illness and delaying the healing. When we speak toxic thoughts (anything that is against the Word of God), those words reinforce the problem.  (more…)

Confused as to why your healing hasn’t happened yet? We can’t really explore God’s healing without first discussing the ways in which God heals. Failure to understand this will add to the mystery and confusion of the ‘waiting’ period. How many times do we request something of God, but then become disheartened when God hasn’t provided the way we suppose he will. Could it be that God wants you to receive your healing in a way that opposes and challenges your assumptions? Here are the 4 ways that God heals us: (more…)

If you had the power to take away your child’s illness, would you do it? 

The Divine Exchange

When I had a sickness as a child, my mother would always say ‘I wish I could have it instead of you’. How many of you have said that to your own children? Such is the love of a parent, willing to do anything, even exchange places, to spare their child from pain. Of course my mother was powerless to change places with me. Jesus however is all powerful and this is exactly what happened on the cross. Healing is part of the Atonement, part of the divine exchange. This proves his willingness and his heart to heal those he loves.  (more…)