Grace For Healing
God wants you well

Most agree that God heals today but we never hear mention of the different ways in which God heals. 

I remember hearing of a miracle healing. I was so excited to hear of such a testimony as this is what I so desperately needed.

My excitement soon turned to hurt and disappointment. You see, the person who claimed the miracle, went through a series of medical interventions. Without medicine, she would no doubt be dead.

Unfortunately, there are health conditions and illnesses which doctors cannot treat, and I had one of them.

‘Where was my healing? This story doesn’t encourage me much…’ You see, I need a miracle outside of doctors.

Have you found that healings are not the same? Are you in a similar situation to me?

Here are the 4 ways, I believe God heals:





Think about the last time you had a cold or the flu. Your inbuilt immune system went to work immediately and within a few days you were back to full health.

God created our bodies to heal even if we have no faith at all. If you’ve cut your finger, eventually the bleeding stops and the wound begins to heal over. This is God’s design.

It’s amazing to think that God gave Adam and Eve an immune system! He knew at the beginning of time we would live in a fallen world.

(Can you imagine what would happen if our bodies weren’t designed to heal? We would have all bled to death by now) 

If you see a counsellor or therapist for mental health conditions like depression, you can also recover naturally.

Changing thinking patterns and meditating are all natural ways in which God heals.

I also know some people heal from symptoms by changing their diets. Again, this would be classed as a natural healing.





Has a doctor treated you at some point in your life?

If you become unwell and your body isn’t likely to heal independently, then you need medical intervention. Operations, antibiotics, medication, transplants…..

God, of course, gives doctors their brains. He gives them wisdom and insight, He puts the right doctor in place at the right time.

God will orchestrate this for you, provided you have a condition within the medical profession know-how. 

I think most of us would probably be dead by now were it not for doctors. Praise God for the medical profession. 

In my own life, I honestly believed I had faith for healing, but after numerous failed medical attempts at curing me, doctors finally admitted defeat.

My heart sank at the thought of living with some kind of life sentence. 

I was heartbroken that no doctor could help me. So if you’re living with a chronic health condition that doctors can’t treat, you’re in good company. 

My personal opinion is that God uses doctors to make people well, rather than labelling this a healing in the Biblical sense. 

It became clear, I now had to believe God for healing outside of doctors which is crazy challenging. You never really know how much faith for healing you have whilst doctors are treating you.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with doctors, our faith can be diluted unconsciously. 

I’m sure you’re familiar with the story of Lazarus where Mary and Martha believe God for his healing. God didn’t have healing in mind for Lazarus, He wanted a resurrection, a much greater miracle.

Could it be that God wants something much greater for you?






This is the healing we all want. We see instantaneous healings in Scripture as Jesus lays his hands on the sick. This is a supernatural miracle.

How we all long for someone to lay hands on us also; the quick fix, the instant recovery. 

Maybe you’ve been to a healing conference or church service where someone has received this instant miracle? This is a wonderful example of the incredible power of the Holy Spirit. 


Most people take the view that as Jesus was the Son of God, he could do anything he wanted.

Jesus however walked the earth as a man filled by the Holy Spirit which then enabled him to perform such miracles.

This same power is available to you and I today. This is such awesome news. This is why we lay hands on people.

The Holy Spirit in us transfers onto the one we’re praying for. It is not a gift for the elite, the church pastor or those with titles. You and I can eagerly desire these gifts and the Spirit distributes as He wills.


god heals





I think we overlook this way of God healing, yet it’s probably God’s greatest desire to heal us in this way. 

The woman with the issue of blood received her healing through faith. Of course, if you’re anything like me, you won’t want this, you’ll want doctors or the instant miracle. 

But today, you and I are living in new covenant times; it’s not that God will heal, this isn’t faith.

Instead, we believe that the healing has already taken place 2000 years ago so we walk in this truth before we see the results made manifest. (That’s what this website is all about.)

Our hearts, words and actions are all in alignment with this truth. 

Wouldn’t it be easy, if someone else laid hands on us? However, God doesn’t want you or I to rely on others when we have the Healer living on the inside.

God wants us empowered by His Spirit, to be the head and not the tail.

If you’re on this kind of healing journey know your character is developing and your spirit strengthened. 

You will gain revelation upon revelation as your faith is thrust up to that next level. 

Has your faith increased on your healing journey? How has God revealed himself? What has he revealed about you or the world around you?

The Gospel of grace really is too good to be true.  Imagine the difference this would make to the faith of all those who are living with health challenges.

No matter what illness has appeared in our bodies, God has prepared a way out. He is good all the time and wants us well. What a good God.

I hope this helps you today.

Lorna x

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