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Few people had faith stronger than the woman with the issue of blood; Jesus said “Daughter your faith has healed you”.

It’s easy to assume that we need a faith stronger than ever in order to receive a miracle. I don’t believe this is accurate however.

The Bible says we only need ‘faith as small as a mustard seed’ Luke 17:6. It’s not that we need a stronger faith to receive a healing, we may just need a different kind of faith.

I do remember stressing many years ago, concerned that I didn’t have enough faith for healing. If you are wondering the same, I hope the next couple of posts help you a little.

God deals to us all a ‘measure of faith‘ Rom 12:3. We don’t need to ask for more faith, it’s a fruit of the Spirit.

Barry Bennet from Charis Bible College teaches about 3 types of faith. Proactive, Reactive and Inactive faith. 




If faith is inactive, then it’s pretty dormant, it’s not really benefiting anyone and doesn’t see results. According to the Oxford English dictionary, inactive means ‘not working.’

This is a bit like having legs but not being able to walk, eyes but being blind or ears that just can’t hear.

I don’t know about you, but I certainty don’t want this kind of inactive faith! 

It’s easy to talk the talk, but without really walking the walk. People may look at you and think you’re faith filled because outwardly you’re doing the right things.

But inwardly your heart is in completely the wrong place. This is not the same as no faith, you can still be born-again but have an inactive faith. 

Perhaps you’re not interested in a relationship with God or maybe you’re religious; both these would result in an inactive faith.

When Jesus often made comments to his disciples like ‘oh ye of little faith’, I wonder if they would fall into this category?

There are certain times along my healing journey where you could say I have inactive faith; full of negativity and doubts which dilute faith.

I think about the years I’ve prayed and believed and all those prayers which are seemingly unanswered.

If I’m not careful battle fatigue can get the better of me and I can lose enthusiasm and think ‘what’s the point?’. This mindset is certainly hindering. Thank goodness God doesn’t let me stay there for long.

How about you?




Reactive faith is when you wait for someone else to pray; for the anointed preacher to lay hands on you or to attend a healing conference. You’re relying on someone else’s faith.

The man at the pool of Bethesda, and the man with the withered hand had reactive faith. When Jesus singled them out, they responded favourably.

(Jesus) said to the man, “Stretch out your hand.” He stretched it out, and his hand was restored.

Mark 3:5

It took faith for this man to stretch out his hand after years of disability. He was reacting to God’s command. Those with reactive faith still need to be open and expectant to what God wants to do in that moment.

We are all in different places in our walk so there certainly is nothing wrong with having this kind of faith.

When I was first unwell, I know I relied a lot on the prayers of others. I went to lots of healing conferences and had a great deal of prayer ministry.

But as the years progressed I grew to a place where I could now do this for myself. Reactive faith is only a problem when we stay relying on others instead of seeking God in prayer ourselves.




Now here’s the thing. Where is Jesus today? He’s not outside us, He’s on the inside of us, in the form of His Spirit. This means we don’t need to rely on anyone else to pray for us or wait for some healing evangelist to lay hands. 

I think God wants us to have proactive faith like the woman with the issue of blood. She didn’t wait for any kind of permission from Jesus or for someone else to initiate her healing.

This inspirational woman was bold. Her faith wasn’t necessarily stronger, it was just different.

This proves to us that the healing power of the Holy Spirit is always flowing. It must be because Jesus didn’t even know who touched him yet the woman still received. She tapped into the power. 

Right now, in this moment the healing power of God is present to heal you. To think that the ‘power of God switches on and off’ is inaccurate.




If you remember, the Bible says that many were thronging him, but they weren’t healed.

You see this remarkable woman touched Him with intention and expectation to receive. The other people in the crowd were touching him because He had a famous reputation, a bit like a celebrity. 

It’s not really God’s decision if we get healed or not. The power of God was placed on the inside of us when we received the Holy Spirit.

In fact the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is within us. God doesn’t turn it on and off when we pray or ask for it. It is always flowing. 

Her own personal faith resulted in her healing, not because it was stronger, but because it was so proactive.

How would your life look like if you upped the spiritual temperature of your faith?

If you approached your relationship with God with the same intention and expectation that the woman with the issue of blood had.

So how do we grow in our faith?

How do we make the shift from reactive to proactive faith? Please read the next post called HOW TO HAVE PROACTIVE BOLD FAITH FOR HEALING.

Have a good day

Lorna x

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