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trusting God through Chronic illness

When I realised that doctors couldn’t help me, I ultimately had a choice to either keep on trusting God through chronic illness or  tolerate and settle for a life of pain. 

The woman with the issue of blood in our series was faced with that same dilemma. She had a debilitating chronic condition which doctors couldn’t treat.

Are you faced with this same choice?

It’s not a coincidence that Jesus healed her on his way to heal Jairus’ daughter. God doesn’t see a life threatening illness worse than a chronic condition. 

I hope by continuing to read on, you’ll be encouraged and faith will rise as you keep on trusting God, the only one who can heal your body, as you journey through chronic illness.

Several years ago I had a painful and damaging experience in church. We were asked to raise our hands if we needed healing and of course I raised my hand. 

The church laid hands and prayed for those with raised hands…..No-one came to me. I was crushed.

In front of me was an elderly man who had recently had a diagnosis of cancer. The church deemed this was worse and therefore laid hands on him. 

The man with cancer was in his 80’s. He’d lived an abundant full life whereas I stood no chance of ever having a life like that. 

 (Eventually the church elder, who is also a good friend, came over and placed his hand on me). 

But by this time I was very much aware of what the church thought and unfortunately I allowed this incident to scar me.  Was God also more concerned with life threatening illnesses?

Isn’t it awful when people dismiss and devalue your pain. ‘At least it’s not life threatening…..’ is a common judgment. ‘Chin up it’s not that bad…’ is another. 




I think the Holy Spirit chose a woman with an issue of blood to represent chronic illness because blood universally means ‘life’. When you live with chronic illness, you’re losing life.

There’s so much about this poor woman and her story that is relatable for many of us. Her situation was chronic and life-altering. Doctors cannot help her; she was alone in her suffering, unable to leave the house.

She was desperate and desolate; separate from the rest of society feeling degraded and ashamed. Imagine not being able to move on with life?

Her world was small; life had just stopped and her future no longer existed. She survived one day to the next, robbed of all her hopes and dreams.

Is this not the same for many of us journeying through chronic illness?




Human nature grades illness. Those people who are either visually ill, or those with anything life threatening and urgent will dominate people’s prayers. 

Thankfully not our Lord Jesus. He made time for both Jairus’ daughter and the woman with the issue of blood. 

Think about your own church. Let’s say there is a young 12 year old girl on the brink of death who needs your prayers. But let’s also say there is a woman with an issue of blood in your church who has a chronic condition. 

Do you give both your same time and attention? Do you pray for the woman with the issue of blood as much as the young dying girl?

I used to have a role visiting those in my church family who had illnesses. Of course it was those with cancer that received cards, flowers and visits from people.

Those with a chronic health issue did not. (Of course I do understand that this is just human nature and that it isn’t sustainable for those who are unwell for years) 

But I get frustrated. Surely it’s those who have been abandoned by doctors need support? Surely someone who has been suffering for decades needs more encouragement and help?

I came to the conclusion that all I need are just a few close intimate friends who understand my situation. 




And I needed to accept that no matter which church I was in, urgent will always be the focus for the majority. 

I was at a Bill Johnson conference many years ago. He tells a story of 2 women approaching him after a service one time. They both needed healing. 

The older woman, let’s say she was in her 60’s had a bad leg or knee, the younger woman in her early 20’s had just a couple of weeks left to live. (I can’t remember the exactness of their details).

Bill Johnson ministers and prays for the older woman who received a miracle healing. He said the Holy Spirit had told him to pray for the older lady. 

When he questioned God about this, he felt God say that when we (as in the church) can genuinely praise Him for what He does, even those seemingly minor  miracles, it will open the door to a much greater miracle. 

Of course there is no such thing as a minor miracle, but this is from the human nature perspective. 

For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways,”declares the LORD. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so My ways are higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts.…

Is 55:8



Back to our inspirational woman with the issue of blood in our series.

Jesus is just as concerned about her healing as He is about the young girl. The moment power came out of him, he stopped. He took the time to speak with her. 

Jesus didn’t say ‘I’m really sorry woman with the issue of blood but a young girl is worse than you and she’s my priority.’ 

What difference would it make if you could have the revelation that it’s God’s opinion that matters? 

I hope by reading this post, trusting God will be slightly easier as you journey through with chronic illness. In fact a lot of those Jesus healed were not dying. The blind, the lame, the withered hand….

Those around you may not value your situation and that’s ok; you don’t need them to. God knows. Ask Him to give you amazing supportive friends to go on this journey with you. 

I hope this gives you some peace today.

Have a great rest of the week

Lorna x

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