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God wants you well

Have you ever told your body parts how amazing they are? If you have a diseased part of your body then Learning to speak life over yourself could be just the medicine you need.

Japenese scientist Masaru Emoto proved the power of our words by conducting a water experiment where he took samples of tap water and spoke to them.

One sample he spoke words of life such as ‘you’re beautiful, I’m grateful for you, you’re amazing….’ and another sample he spoke words like ‘you disgust me, I hate you…’

He then photographed the samples and guess what happened? 

The samples where he had spoken loving words to looked like beautiful diamonds or snowflakes under the microscope and the samples where he had spoken hateful or words of death to looked dirty and ugly under the microscope.

Isn’t this just completely incredible?

This scientifically proves that your spoken words have power to create beauty or destruction, life or death.





Many years ago I was on the receiving end of Christians telling me I was already healed. This hurt me a great deal as all I felt was pain.

It felt like they were insensitive or devaluing what I was going through.

I understand now though, they were trying to speak life over my body by elevating the Word of God over my circumstances.

They were prophesying over the dry bones and using their authority in Christ to elicit change.

But when I began to declare I was healed, I started off with the best of intentions. By the end of the day though, I was reverting back to declaring how things actually were in my body.

So why wasn’t I consistent in declaring my healing?




Because deep in my heart, I didn’t really believe it. The pain in my body was far more real to me than what the Bible was saying. (I have to admit, this is still a daily challenge for me).

If you relate to this, then reading Life and Death is in the Power of the Tongue may help you a little.

Are you more aware of your symptoms than you are of Scripture? Is who you are in the natural more powerful than who you are in Christ?

When we see ourselves healthy, even though our bodies have symptoms, we are aligning with our identity in Christ.

The more you speak life over yourself, the more likely your words will match the thoughts and beliefs you have about yourself.

You begin to call yourself healthy and healed despite the medical diagnosis or pain you may feel.

You may think this is a falsehood as it’s not a reality in the natural realm. But with faith, we believe first before we see the manifestation.

And out of the heart, the mouth speaks. Believing needs to come first or you won’t be consistent.

In other words, you speak life over yourself because you believe it to be true, not becomes you’re hoping it will come true.

“…the God who gives life to the dead and calls into being things that were not.”

Rom 4:17 

If we want to see healing and restoration in our bodies, God’s way is for us to speak the healing into being.

Abraham’s name was ‘the Father of many nations’ for 20 years before he actually had children.

This was to be his identity, even though it hadn’t yet manifest in the natural.

In the same way, we call ourselves ‘healed by the stripes of Jesus’ before we see this in our bodies; this is speaking Truth and life over our circumstances. 

Joel Osteen often uses the analogy of a thermostat. The temperature in the room might be 20°C but if you set the thermostat to 30°C, then it won’t be long before the temperature in the room changes to match.




Have you noticed that in the Bible, God never created without the spoken word? God said ‘Light be’ in Genesis, and ‘then there was light’.

He spoke the answer, the solution to the darkness. He didn’t just think it, he spoke it into existence.

Jesus spoke to the fig tree ‘Be cursed’ and it withered up by the roots. In fact, words were always spoken in the Bible every time Jesus healed someone. 

Jesus spoke to the leper ‘be healed’ and the leper was healed.

The woman with the issue of blood also spoke words of faith ‘She said to herself, “If I only touch his cloak, I will be healed.” Matt 9:21

So the key to seeing healing manifest in your body is to speak it forth. Awesome!

The Bible asks us to speak to the areas in our life which are dead. Ezekiel spoke to the dried bones in Ezekiel 37. The moment he prophesied to the breath, the dry bones became alive.

Prophesy your future and speak life over yourself every day. You’ll see change in your body. 

Words are seeds and will bear fruit at the time of harvest. 




I think if anyone had told me that I would regularly be talking to my body parts I would never have believed them.

Nervous system expert, Irene Lyon teaches the importance of giving attention and intention to the organs, the diaphragms and the joints in our bodies.

Stress and trauma can be trapped in our cells and focusing on and giving love to our body parts contributes in releasing it.

Why don’t you try speaking love to your body? It raises your self esteem and increases confidence. It doesn’t honour God to hate the body he gives us.




Maybe you think that speaking powerful words is just for pastors or people with authority. But God says…

speak life over yourself


 Where the word of a king is, there is power;” Ecc 8:4 He’s talking about you and me! We are the royal priesthood and our words are powerful.

That’s why we tell our children and those around us how amazing they are, how beautiful and loving they are and how God has great things in store for them. This is also what it means to speak life. 

Our words carry weight even though our crown may be invisible. So if you want to see change in your body, use your words!

Can you picture a world where we all use our power and speak life in the way in which God intended; to change the world around us whether it’s our own health or the health of others? 

 I declare you healthy, healed and whole in the name of Jesus.

Lorna x

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