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Today we learn the biblical definition of the word ‘testimony’ (and it’s probably not what you think.) Plus the 5 best reasons to share your testimony today.

Do you need a miracle healing? The key to your breakthrough may very well be in the mouth of someone else.

Someone’s healing depends on what you carry. Your Testimony:

  1. Is prophetic and powerful
  2. Spurs on faith
  3. Heals loneliness
  4. Points people to Jesus
  5. Creates a ripple effect

If the woman with the issue of blood needed to hear about Jesus (aka someone’s healing testimony), in order to receive healing, then the same is true of us.

And, we all love a good story.

When I taught Nursery aged children, I always read a Bible story on a Friday. The children would listen attentively with their jaws open wide, savouring every word from the Children’s Bible.

What is more exciting than a man who ends up in the tummy of a fish or in the lion’s den? Our testimonies point people to the wonder and amazement of our Father who longs for people to see his miraculousness. 

Testimonies are real life stories of God’s goodness; so much better than Holywood!

The Bible tells us that the woman with the Issue of blood heard about Jesus. She didn’t witness Jesus healing first hand, nor did she have a New Testament the way we do. 

So how did she discover that Jesus healed? 

Someone shared their healing testimony with her!

Somebody somewhere needs to hear your story. In this post I outline 5 reasons why sharing your testimony matters. 




I remember when I first became unwell and was desperate to find someone living with the same condition as me who had a miraculous healing.

I couldn’t find anyone. 

Whenever I came across people claiming to be healed, often they’d had a successful operation, chemo or some other medical intervention.

Of course this is amazing too. But not what I wanted to hear

When I hear of someone’s healing outside of man, I’m filled with hope and expectation. It reinforces my faith and thrusts it up to another level.

In a world where most people rely on doctors, I needed to hear of something miraculous.




…For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy Revelation 19:10

This I believe is the Biblical definition of the word ‘testimony’. It is far more than an encouraging story of what God is doing in your life.

It is prophetic and therefore powerful.

Every time a testimony about Jesus is spoken, it comes with it God’s covenant to repeat the miracle…..We want to create an atmosphere for the miracle to be duplicated

Bill Johnson

As part of God’s covenant with you, He promises to do it again and we have every reason to be expectant. God is looking to perform miracles on your behalf.

share your testimony




Stories evoke emotion and we develop an attachment to such stories when they resonate with us.

They capture our attention.

I’m sure you all know where you were when the news broke about the death of Princess Diana?  or the first time you met your spouse?

Emotional connection is in our wiring.

I imagine the woman with the issue of blood wouldn’t forget those stories she heard about Jesus; they spurred her on for her own miracle, especially when she became weary.

You want to know what God has done for one person he will do for you. A healing testimony gives you evidence. If you know anything about brain science, our brains need evidence to back up our thoughts.

Do you ever think that some of God’s miracles would never happen today? I know I have.

When you’re living with a health condition you want evidence from today that God still heals. Otherwise you may kid yourself that miracles are for Bible times only.

Hearing testimonies isn’t just about receiving information, it’s about transformation; it’s about creating atmosphere. The environment of this remarkable woman transformed from despair to expectation, from doubt to belief.

This opens the door for God to repeat the miracle. 

How is your atmosphere today? Is it one of faith or one of doubt? Perhaps reading some healing testimonies will change that. 




Illnesses can be lonely experiences. This is definitely my experience. 


The woman with the issue was alone in her suffering (as most of us are) until she heard a healing testimony.

She was alone in every sense of the word. The outcast, the loner, the one who could contaminate others. Now she could relate to someone else; someone who had been where she was.

It broke the spirit of isolation. 

So if you’re feeling alone in your suffering, I encourage you to listen to some healing testimonies. By connecting with someone else on an emotional level, your system receives this as a co-regulating resource.

Even if your story isn’t over yet, your story will resonate with someone. It could save someone’s life.

It’s the assurance and the comfort that someone has been where you are right now. That non of us are exempt from suffering and often our pain unites us with others.




I’m certainly no natural story-teller, nor do I have the gift of the gab. In fact even evangelism is a challenge for me. But God does want me to point people to Jesus.

Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. Do this with gentleness and respect

1 Peter 3:15

Have you ever seen those arguments or debates on social media? They don’t really point people to the love God. 

Sharing testimony on what God has done is different.

It’s gentle and respectful. I love it when people ask me about my faith. It’s an opportunity to bear witness to all God is and the change in me because of him.

When you share your testimony, whether it’s big or small, shows Jesus in a good light. 




The Samaritan woman we read of in John’s Gospel knew the importance of her testimony about meeting Jesus.

share your testimony

Her story was so powerful, it persuaded the crowd to find Jesus themselves. 

Many of the Samaritans from that town believed in him because of the woman’s testimony

John 4:39 

There is a ripple effect when you share your testimony. 

Millions of people throughout the centuries falling in love with Jesus because of this woman’s story.

Just imagine the difference to the world if we all went about sharing our experiences of the love of God.

People will never know his nature, his love and his importance in their lives if you choose to not share your testimony. 

The Bible says we are living stones, but we are actually living stories as well. For me there is such importance in sharing testimony of what God is doing in your life, past and presently.

I challenge myself in this department too as using my mouth is not something that comes naturally. 

Think about your own healing journey. Hearing about Jesus every day will inspire you to keep on believing because ‘what he does for one, he does for all’.

Which testimonies have spurred you on for victory? How easy is it to share your story?

I hope this supports you today

God Bless 

Lorna x

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