Pillar 3 Navigating The Wilderness

How well you rest in the finished work of Jesus, is how well you navigate through the wilderness. We know God’s will, his nature and his Word, but we still have to confront the daily reality of symptoms, often impacting on our relationships, our careers and other areas of our lives. How do we hold these 2 sides in tension?

Welcome to the Wilderness

God told Joshua he’d given him the land but the Israelites still had to progress forward and possess what was theirs. In the same way, the Bible is very clear, that healing is our inheritance, our land. Now we move forward. We’re not passive, we fight the good fight of faith causing us to thrive in the desert.

John G Lake said “When I saw for the first time by the Word of God, that sickness was not the will of God, EVERYTHING in my nature rose up to defeat the will of the devil” You may be in a battle right now, but God is in you so you have all that you need. YOU CAN DO THIS AND YOU CAN DO THIS VICTORIOUSLY.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. As we journey through the wilderness together, you’ll learn and be discipled in the following areas.

The Purpose of the wilderness

      • Spiritual growth and strength
      • Humility
      • Self Awareness
      • Refiner’s Fire
      • Revelation

The Roller Coaster Season

      • Overcoming disappointment and doubt.
      • When circumstances contradict God’s Word.

The Miracle Verses The Blessing

      • Instant miracle or progressive healing?

The Holy Spirit as Comforter

      • Navigating the silent storm.
      • The drama triangle

When Bad Stuff Happens

      • Adapting to change.
      • Being with heartache and loss
      • Self pity verses reality


      • Determination
      • Peace, joy and the laws of contentment.
      • Gratefulness and serving.
      • Complaining


      • Delayed dreams and God’s restoration.
      • God’s plan and the bigger picture

Where’s Your Normal Taking You?

      • The danger of tolerance whilst accepting facts.
      • Understanding neuropathways

The Next Step

      • Breaking limitations, ceilings and unhealthy routines.
      • Identifying conditioning.
      • Moving forward to possess the land.

Supply Verses Demand

      • Drowning in the sea of symptoms.
      • Receiving the abundance of grace
      • Choose life
      • Overcoming weariness

The Isolation of Illness.

      • What do you do when no-one understands?
      • Avoiding separation from others
      • Making church home / How to join in when you can’t join in.

Restoration and resurrection

      • Non attachment
      • Identifying decoys
      • Letting go of comfort zones
      • What keeps us stuck

Dancing with Life

      • Affirming our aliveness
      • Re-evaluating grids of meaning
      • Mindfulness and Biblical meditation.
      • Nourishment from the environment