Pillar 2: The Mind-Body Connection


When God designed us, he chose our minds and bodies to relate to each other. Neuroscientists, like Caroline Leaf, have been invaluable in explaining how traumas impact upon our bodies. In fact, the body is a reflection of the mind.

We can develop coping strategies, patterns of thinking and learned behaviours which often appear to us as ‘normal’. but results in our souls not prospering the way God intended. We cannot look at healing therefore without exploring the possibility that our thinking, emotions, environment and the traumas we’ve lived through have contributed to the onset of the illnesses we now live with. The good news is, our brains can be rewired. Whoop whoop!

“Our souls are dismantled from birth and we must reassemble them as we age” Paul Scanlon

A really great prayer to pray when we’re unwell is ‘Lord, where is my soul not prospering?’

Here is the lowdown of what we’ll be covering.

The Relationship between Spirit, Soul and Body

      • Roots of disease
      • Neuroplasticity
      • Limbic System Cross-wiring
      • Impact of trauma on the body / Trauma cycles
      • Fight / Flight
      • Breathing
      • Mindfulness and Biblical meditation.

Our Thoughts: Toxic or healthy?

      • Relationship between our thoughts and the body
      • Programmed ways of thinking
      • Lies verses truth
      • Sowing the Word.
      • Power of the imagination


      • Hurts, habits and hangups.
      • Healing from Traumas
      • Restoring the essential self
      • Identifying triggers.

Conditions of Worth

      • Need for approval and acceptance.
      • Childhood wounds.
      • Lack of perceived love and acceptance from parents.
      • Survival Mechanisms


      • Of self and others
      • Replacing old memories with the new

Relationship with Others, ourselves and the world. 

      • Lack of connection
      • self-love vs self-hatred.

Condemnation and Guilt

      • God’s forgiveness
      • Normal to be righteous
      • Breaking the cycle of guilt, condemnation and shame


Inner Vows