Grace For Healing
God wants you well
tree of knowledge

The tree of knowledge of good and evil represents the Law. Sometimes on a healing journey it’s easy to fall into a legalistic mindset, but this is the wrong foundation and could keep you battling illness. 

Many years ago, the symptoms in my body were so dominant, I couldn’t get my eyes off them.

I analysed myself past and present, repenting left right and centre, just in case sin was blocking the healing somehow.
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rejoice in sufferings

So the Bible says we’re to rejoice in our sufferings. which can be almost a cruel request when you’re struggling and in pain. So what does this actually mean?

In my experience, and hopefully to your relief, I don’t think it’s something that we do in our own strength. I don’t think the woman with the issue of blood was rejoicing, nor the widow at Nain or the leper who approached Jesus. But:

We also glory rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.

Rom 5:3-4

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Lisa Bevere tells of when her son had a tumour under his tongue. They prayed and applied the anointing oil and within a couple of days the tumour had disappeared.

In this instance, the healing took place quickly. 

Would the healing have happened without the anointing oil? I really don’t know. There are people healed instantly without the physical oil being present. 
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healing power of the holy communion

Does the communion bread heal your body? Today I look at the healing power of the Holy Communion

Surely a small piece of bread cannot possibly heal an incurable illness?

I mean, it would be completely wonderful but it really does sound quite far fetched and almost too good to be true, doesn’t it?
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why does god allow suffering

When I volunteered in the chaplaincy at my local hospital, I often encountered questions like ‘why does God allow suffering?’ or ‘why did my loved one die?’ 

Have you ever asked such questions?

Think of a young child, constantly asking why about anything and everything, eager to grow and understand. Even Jesus asked God ‘why have you forsaken me?’

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the battle is not yours

The battle you face today is not yours, it’s God’s. Remember God parted the Red Sea, rained manna from Heaven and cleansed the leper. 

Our job is to rest.

Joseph Prince uses the analogy of a boxing match. The champion wins the battle and is awarded a trophy. He then goes home and gives the trophy to his wife. He did all the work but she benefits 
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demolish strongholds

Imagine sitting by the wayside and unable to see, probably for a great many years. Picture the conditioning, the thinking patterns and survival strategies. Bartimaeus chose to demolish such strongholds the day he met Jesus.

Could it be that God is inviting us to do the same?

We learn through repetition. How many times do you find yourself singing along to your favourite song on the radio. Chances are, you will have heard it many times, now all the words are hardwired into your system.

Unfortunately we can also repeat unhealthy or toxic thoughts, or strongholds, into our brains as well. It’s as though they’re stuck on repeat; the rumination becomes 2nd nature as those thoughts become hardwired. 
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the meaning of bartimaeus

Names in the Bible usually mean something significant. The meaning of Bartimaeus is ‘Son of Honour. Bartimaeus knew how to honour God and this opened the door to his healing.

I didn’t know much about honour until I joined my now church. Honour is such a big part of our culture. We stand for the Word of God and sometimes for the pastor.

We regularly give bouquets of flowers or chocolates to people and publicly declare how amazing they are. Honouring one another is one way to honour God.

In his book, ‘The Honour Key’ Ps Russel Evans says this about the lifestyle of Jesus.

‘Every miracle, every breakthrough…….happened when people honored what he carried…..or honored who He was’

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