Hey everybody!

Today’s message is one of my favourite topics. Bible Hope! This isn’t a worldly wishful thinking type of hope where we just hope for the best. Bible hope is certain!! Yay! This is awesome news for all of us who are believing God for breakthrough in our health. We can be confident in Jesus and in the Word of God.

In his sermon, Ps Paul Garner explains that the hope we have in Jesus is not a psychological type of hope based on feelings, but a theological one. Check his sermon below. Bill Johnson says that ‘hope is the soil in which faith grows’. So if you want to have faith, you need to have hope first! I think we’ll be really encouraged in the next couple of weeks as we grapple with this word hope and what is means for those who need healing in their minds and bodies.

We’ll be discussing this further in our Wellness groups next week. Make sure you engage in the Facebook chatter as well.

Lorna x