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Living with a long term illness can often make us feel like we’re failing in life, especially if the illness has impacted your family, relationships, career, finances and so on. The hopes and dreams you once had have disappeared. Now the only dream you have is to be well. It’s all too easy to look at people who are well and think that because they’re not ill, somehow they’re better than you or that you’re just not enough.

We all tend to think that ‘achievements’ equal success. Marriage, parenthood, a healthy bank balance, holidays, a good career…. so when sickness comes and these things are now gone, how can we not be failures? How can our self esteem and sense of worth not be affected?

When it comes to not feeling good enough, God has dealt with this through his salvation. In Romans 3:23 it says “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”. Yep! ALL of us have failed and fallen short of God’s perfect standard. But, God says we have been FULLY JUSTIFIED

I love what Ps Sophia says in her message:

We all want our lives to be a certain way but without realising it, this is perfectionism. This is why we can feel bad about ourselves. We think we need to reach a certain standard to feel good. Of course we blame our health but I want to challenge this today. Could it be the perfectionist thinking that is causing our unhappiness?

I wonder if we allow the Holy Spirit to free us from perfectionism, the happier we’ll be in our circumstances?

When you allow perfectionism to be in the driver’s seat, we start to control everything. We begin to be a slave to people’s opinions and develop a sadness, a frustration and an inability to be happy.

Maybe you’ve allowed your illness to hide you away from people? You’ve given up on life, on your dreams, desires. You stay hidden away in your comfort zone, feeling unworthy like you’re not good enough. Ps Sophia explains that there are 2 sides to the same coin. This is just the other side of that same coin of perfectionism. You know your life is nowhere near perfect so what’s the point? You also believe you need to reach certain standards to feel good.

Over the next couple of weeks, in our conference calls and in the fb community group, we’re going to be looking at the impact of illness on our self worth. We’ll look at failed expectations and the spirit of perfectionism. Of course we’ll discuss what the Bible says about this!

Your circumstances, or the illness you may be living with, is not your identity. So why would this threaten our self worth? Check out Ps Sophia Barrett’s awesome teaching:

The Wellness Circle is your opportunity to discuss with others today’s teaching.

Date: Monday 3rd June

Time: 7.30

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