Hey everyone

“Shame is like traffic…and traffic has a memory…” Ps Sophia

I’m so excited to share with you this week’s message by Ps Sophia on Shame, something that resonates with all of us. That awful deep rooted feeling that you’re a bad person because of the things you’ve done wrong. She takes us right back to be beginning when Adam and Eve knew no shame in the garden. Then they took from the wrong tree and everything changed. They no longer relied upon God for their worth, they took control and rejected God. Whether we’re aware or not, we do the same thing!

We’re no different from Adam and Eve. We push people away, we create barriers and walls, not wanting to be seen. Shame is that friend that follows us everywhere, we feel there’s no escape. We’re traumatized by our mistakes that replay in our minds again and again.

How many walls have you built to keep people from knowing the real you? This is due to shame.

We are the righteous in Christ. There is no shame on us. Our shame has been dealt with and we have a new heart.

“Anyone who believes in him will never be put to shame.” Romans 9:11

I hope you love watching the message. During the Wellness Circle on Monday we’ll discuss shame and the damage it does. We’ll talk about how disruptive it is for our lives and even our physical bodies. Then we’ll look at the steps we can take to lessen it’s effects.

See you then.

Lorna x