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the healing of Bartimaeus

One of the reasons I love the healing of Bartimaeus is because it reminds me that God sees those who society may view as ‘invisible’.

Have you noticed, that in every community, there is always the ‘in’ crowd. You know, those who tick the right boxes.

Then there’s those who feel like a square peg in a round hole.

I remember being at a baby shower. The organiser gave a speech and said ‘Having a baby is what unites us….’ I was already aware that I was surrounded by mothers. Of course my heart sank at these words.

When you fall into the minority, it’s easy to feel invisible, like you’ve failed in life somehow. Have you ever felt like this?

Pain drags me down, restricts me and stops me living. I often feel I’m sitting on the sidelines, watching people live.

The healing of Bartimaeus is a story of a man who is sat by the wayside. He didn’t tick the right boxes either.

How has your illness affected your self esteem? Do you also see yourself as inferior or as though life has somehow forgotten you?

I hope that the series on the healing of blind Bartimaeus will help you begin to see yourself differently, that you are not an outcast or second class citizen just because you have some kind of physical (or emotional) limitation.



a blind man, Bartimaeus (which means “son of Timaeus”), was sitting by the roadside begging.

Mark 10:46

In those days, beggars were considered ‘less than’, generally ignored by society and thought to be subservient. His posture was one of smallness and on the periphery of life.

When life is going well it’s easy to feel good about yourself.

But when the opposite occurs, when you’re living with a disability or unable to work because of illness, or living a life full of physical restrictions, feeling like a second class citizen is understandable.

I love that Jesus didn’t see him that way. (And He doesn’t see us like that either). Bartimaeus shows us that we need to see ourselves through the correct lens in order to receive our healing.




Jesus’ disciples instruct himRise, He is calling you.’ 

You see, Jesus doesn’t talk down to people. He doesn’t view us as inferior members of society. But he wanted Bartimaeus to ‘stand tall’ so to speak, infilling him with a sense of eligibility for his healing.

This reminds me of when Jesus heals the leper. He touches him, something no-one else would consider doing. He infilled him with a sense of love, connection and worthiness.

The healing of Bartimaeus is not just a physical one, but an emotional one.

So if you’re feeling unworthy or not good enough because you live with a debilitation, then I wonder if you could begin the journey of self-love? See WHY FEELING UNWORTHY OF GOD’S LOVE HINDERS HEALING

If we are not actively thinking about and shaping our identity, we will be shaped by the world around us.

Caroline Leaf

Everything in the world right now may be telling you that you’re not important, but with the help of the Holy Spirit, you can see yourself the way God sees you.

You are a strong, mighty, child of God. The righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, worthy of every blessing because of who and whose you are.





In my counselling experience, feeling inferior often stems from our upbringings. As children we develop a self concept which is so dependent upon the environment we’re in.

Perhaps your care-givers were unable to attune to your needs for some reason causing the child to feel they’re unlovable.

Maybe you grew up in an environment that was incredibly stressful; a parent was ill, unemployed or maybe just dealing with their own struggles.

Often we can develop a low self esteem if we endure some kind of trauma in early childhood. This then distorts are relationship with ourself or those around us.

You may attribute feeling inferior to your heath condition, but often you were already predisposed to feeling this way, the illness or present circumstances has just brought it further into the light.

If this is you, please remember you are not to blame, you were surviving within an environment in the only way you knew how.

I invite you, like Bartimaeus, to ‘arise’ because God says you are worthy of healing.




My suggestion would be to focus on how much God loves you. Bartimaeus received God’s love prior to his healing.

You have a perfect Father in Heaven, who gave up everything for you. You are the apple of His eye and His treasured possession.

He joys over you with singing and His dream for your life far exceeds any dream you have in your heart.

As you grow in revelation of God’s love, you’ll become empowered to love yourself more.

Jesus wanted him to see himself in the same way. His position, was not his identity, not from God’s perspective. This is why Jesus asked him to change his posture.




When you’re living with any kind of disability, it’s easy to become a victim. As a child of God, you are called to be ‘the head and not the tail, above and not beneath’ The victim mindset robs you of your true identity.

The post HEALING AT THE POOL OF BETHESDA: WHY SOME DON’T HEAL may help you with this.

You are a victor, more than a conqueror, above and not beneath. The Sprit of the Living God is in you.

How can you step towards your true identity today?




Wouldn’t it it be wonderful, if every person with an illness or disability saw themselves through the lens of their identity in Christ, and not the label that society gives?

God gives you permission to be yourself. You have a right to belong in the world and to own the emotions he has given you.

Could you allow yourself to just be and to show up authentically, seeing yourself the way God sees you. To receive God’s love so deeply that you cannot help but fall in love…with Him and with yourself!

I wonder if this would make a difference to their physical health as well as a healthy self concept goes hand in hand with soul prosperity.

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.

3 John 1:2

I hope this helps you a little today.


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