Grace For Healing
God wants you well

Pillar 1 The Foundation For God’s Healing

There are hidden treasures in the Word of God revealing God’s healing. There’s nothing more thrilling than to see God’s healing running right the way through the Bible. “The Foundation for God’s Healing” pillar is the essential ‘nuts and bolts’ of your healing journey.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the woman who had the issue of blood. She took her healing from Jesus. I love that she didn’t wait for Jesus to approach her, nor did she wait for someone to lay hands on her. This woman with the issue of blood chose her healing. And so can we.

This amazing lady received by faith. So what does this mean for us in the new covenant today?

We also can receive God’s healing by faith. This is awesome news. Not that God will heal us, but that He has already purchased our healing 2000 years ago. Faith is believing that God already has done it, then we walk in it. The Holy Spirit, our healer is on the inside of us; now we learn to release the healing.

The Atonement
      • Did Jesus really take sickness to the cross?
      • Grace or Faith?
      • Is healing just a fringe benefit?
Myths About Healing
      • Paul’s thorn
      • Is God teaching me something?
      • God’s decision?
      • God’s timing?
The Willingness and Heart of Jesus
      •  Is it always God’s will to heal?
      • The nature of God
The Command of The Great Commission 
      • The Early Church.
      • The believer’s authority.
      • How to pray for healing
      • The wine, the bread, the oil
                 The Nature of the Word of God
      • How to apply the Word of God as medicine
      • Meditating on the Word
      • How the Word works and what hinders it.
The Faith of Others
      • Creating the right environment for healing
      • The role of the church.
Living Wholeness-Centric
      • Our Identity in Christ.
      • Victory mindset
      • The danger of negative attention. The drama triangle
The Holy Spirit
      • Where is the Healer?
      • Basking in His Presence.
The Love Of God
      • Our empowerment through the storm
      • It’s a heart thing!
      • How to have a greater revelation and receive the love of God.
The Power of Words
      • Speaking words of defeat
      • Faith has a language.
      • Speaking to the Mountain.

foundation for healing