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God wants you well
Holy Spirit healing

If you’re a believer, The Holy Spirit is leading you on your healing journey one tolerable step at a time.

It’s important you recognise this and attune to His guidance. Otherwise you’ll either be swayed by all the healing ministries out there and you may end up listening to the wrong voice.

We all know people who think they’re called to a healing ministry but instead of listening to Holy Spirit, they’re listening to the teaching they’ve cognitively learned in a Bible college or in church. It’s not the same thing.

I know people who will screen those who need healing for their ‘hindrances’. I don’t believe this is the Holy Spirit leading at all. It’s not His way.

Have well meaning Christians screened you for why you’re not healed? Humans like to make meanings and love to fix problems.

You are the expert on you and you’re also the expert in what God is saying to you.

You may not know why you’re not seeing the healing right now but what is God saying? Because He is saying something.

But God tells you your next step. He tells you what you need to know right now this moment. He works in the present.




If you could only ask God for one thing, what would it be? At the beginning of my healing journey, I only ever asked God for healing.

At this point, I didn’t really know what else I should be praying for and didn’t care about much else. 

Healing was the one thing I so desperately wanted. Is healing your main prayer? Do you find yourself praying for this over and over?

God appeared to Soloman in a dream and asked him this very question. I wonder what he would answer if he only had 6 months to live or if he’d been ill for many years?

Would he have asked for healing instead? What would you ask for?

The Holy Spirit knows what you need, when you need it. According to Scripture, wisdom is the best thing to pray for no matter what situation we’re facing.

You see, the Holy Spirit is leading you and wisdom is one of His tools. 

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom.”

Pro 4:7

Praying for healing is not our principle thing.  When we’re ill, we need Godly wisdom more than anything else. Even if Soloman had been very ill, asking for wisdom was still the higher choice.

Wisdom is a person: Wisdom is Jesus and he is the solution to every problem. He knew the answer before the problem even existed.



Joseph knew exactly what to do about the famine in Egypt when no-one else did. Without this wisdom the whole nation would have starved.

Doctors and medical professionals are wonderful and God uses them all the time but they are limited in their understanding, they only know the medicine.

We have access to the one who knows it all. 


You may be already declaring healing scriptures over your life, but the Holy Spirit may be leading you to pray more specifically.

God will, through Holy Spirit Leading, direct you to the next step in your journey and help you to make right choices. 



Your healing is unique and personal to you. That’s why it’s so difficult to teach. 

These are just some of the ways I’ve followed Holy Spirit leading since I became unwell.

God showed me which friends were good for me and supportive of my journey. Friends who could carry me to Jesus and speak life over me.

There were also friends I had to say goodbye to. They were causing unnecessary stress impacting the symptoms in my body.

“He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed.”

Pro 13:20

The paralysed man lowered through the roof had loving and faith filled friends who carried him to Jesus. (Mark 2:1-5) What would have happened if he trusted the wrong friends?

God doesn’t just want you well, he wants you whole. The Bible tells us that Jesus only did what His Father asked of Him. It was therefore The Holy Spirit leading Jesus to touch the leper.

This was a man who had not been touched in many years. God knew what He needed. Isn’t this beautiful?




Which areas of your life do you need God to touch?

We don’t need to wait for someone to lay hands on us or to reveal why you’re not healed. The Holy Spirit is within us.

He will heal those parts of us we don’t even recognise need healing and tell us what we need to know. 

Perhaps you need to experience more love in your life, better quality relationships or you’re caught up with negative thoughts. 

The Holy Spirit showed me I needed more laughter in my life. There’s a saying that laughter is the best medicine. There is truth in this.

It strengthens the immune system and reduces the effects of stress as endorphins and happy hormones are released into the body increasing wellness and health.


The Holy Spirit tells you what your next step is.

The Holy Spirit revealed to me I needed to love myself more and to stop beating myself up for past mistakes.

Guilt and shame release a cortisol into the bloodstream amplifying symptoms. 

He also shoed me that this condition could be the result of unresolved trauma and is in the process of healing that trauma. 

The Holy Spirit helped me change programming that contributes to ill health. This is greater than any short term solution.

This brings a long-term healing into my body. How awesome is that?




On a simple level, the Holy Spirit may also direct you to change parts of your lifestyle which are contributing to the illness.

Norman Doidge teaches us that there are 5 levels of neuroplastic healing. This is top-level healing and for many people, changing lifestyle, such as diet and exercise, isn’t enough to heal them.

If you’ve been operating from an unhelpful belief system, God through His Spirit will show you which new thoughts to think instead.

The wrong thoughts are toxic, releasing a cortisol into your body creating symptoms. 

We have the source of healing within us. Isn’t this just great news? This means that whatever issue you’re struggling with, the Holy Spirit already knows the answer and we don’t need to go to any external person. 

James 1:5 tells us how much God wants us to have wisdom. Soloman asked for a discerning heart, a heart that hears his voice, a heart that expects him to speak and a heart that obeys.

Without Holy Spirit leading, you’ll continue to pray for healing without moving forward.

Can you visualize what the world would be like, if we all knew how to follow and hear the Holy Spirit on our journeys? The revelations we’d receive and the changes to our lives we’d make as a result of knowing the next step in our healing journey.

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