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God wants you well
demolish strongholds

Imagine sitting by the wayside and unable to see, probably for a great many years. Imagine the the conditioning, his thinking patterns and survival strategies. Bartimaeus chose to demolish such strongholds the day he met Jesus.

Could it be that God is inviting us to do the same?

‘Ill always be a blind beggar…..I don’t get the happiness everyone else gets…..I’ll never work…..It’s not fair…..Things will never change…….I’ve been this way too long…..’

Day in day out, begging and existing, surviving whilst life passed him by. Our strongholds are caused by our environment, they help us survive challenging circumstances.




Bartimaeus had a choice: to continue in his comfort zone / his strongholds / his beggar status or to let go of them and allow Jesus to change his world completely.

Throwing his cloak aside, he jumped to his feet and came to Jesus. 

Mark 10:50 

Healing didn’t land in his lap. He performed an action, he threw off his coat first, in order to receive. Bartimaeus knew he didn’t need his begging coat anymore. He was expectant.

As I read this, I wonder what God is asking me to ‘throw aside?’ Is there anything in my life that is obstructing my expectations of my healing?

Like Bartimaeus, maybe you’ve been dealing with some kind of illness or disability of many years. Perhaps dr’s can’t help you and you’ve accepted that your situation is permanent.

Maybe you have coping strategies to help you survive. This is ok. But what if some of those conditioning factors are now keeping you bound?

I think God is inviting us, through Bartimaeus’ healing, to ‘throw off our cloaks’ and to demolish any strongholds that are unconsciously hindering us.

The first step, in my opinion, is to receive God’s love and know who we are in Him.

The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.

2 Cor 10:4

Bartimaeus’ coat was his most valuable asset. Without it he had no means of survival since it gave him the license to beg. It was his security.

Casting off his garment shows his level of trust and faith in Jesus. He no longer needed his coat, what Jesus was about to do is far more valuable.




A stronghold is anything that keeps us bound, anything which we may rely upon that seeks to destroy or hinder us somehow. It is something which controls or dominates us.

We all have them, usually without realising. I’m not by any means referring to sin, but to thinking or behavioural patterns which help us cope or survive.

In counselling we talk of Secondary Gains. These are all the advantages of having an illness.

Maybe you get a lot of compassion or sympathy from others which gives you comfort? Unfortunately this will keep you bound.

Maybe others do your cleaning or shopping for you and you enjoy their help. I relate to this.

During the times when I barely left the house, I would rely on my mother for everything. Until I had the realisation that this was feeding the illness. I gradually paced myself to do such things for myself.

If you identify with this, know that’s ok right now. I believe God will lead you one step at a time.

In the post LIVING WITH CHRONIC DISEASE: SURVIVING OR THRIVING? I discuss some of the ways in which you can move forward from this place.

Bartimaeus relied on others to survive. Whenever we rely on the external outside of us, it may hinder the work of the Spirit inside us.

Can you receive your compassion from the Holy Spirit instead of others? He is our comforter and counsellor. (John 14:26).




Bartemaeus was accustomed to the way his life was. He had no money, was probably hungry and used to living on handouts from the crowds.

His coat symbolises his beggar status and his disability. It represents his identity.

He was invisible, pitied and looked down upon. Bartimaeus didn’t know any different than life with a disability.

The longer I live with pain, the more I forget what life is like without it. It’s as though I can’t remember what being well is like. I wonder if you relate to this?

One of the reasons it’s so hard for those with long term health conditions to receive a healing, is because of conditioning. Our brains register the symptoms as being ‘normal’.

It’s therefore hard to not see life through the lens of pain and live to survive.

Here are some of the strongholds I am partnering with God to demolish:  ‘my life will never change….I’ve lost 20 years and missed out on life…..If only this happened when I was much older’

The more we can undo the conditioning and live ‘healed’ the more we increase our capacity to receive.  We’ve wired in the symptoms, the thoughts and the way of living. Now we must learn to unwire them.


This is so much harder than unwiring thinking patterns or our childhood programming.




The more we see ourselves in Christ, the more we can walk in the light of our healing. This means looking away from our bodies and symptoms  and look to the cross.

We can only do this by reading the the Word and by the power of the Holy Spirit.

I love the story of Dodie Osteen who only had weeks to live. Her faith-filled family agreed to only treat Dodie as someone perfectly healthy.

On one occasion she was crawling on the floor, weak with advanced cancer. They didn’t acknowledge or assist her. It sounds quite cruel doesn’t it?

They elevated God’s Word and His healing promises above her situation in the natural.

Dodie also covered all the mirrors in the house so she couldn’t see how ill she was looking. She understood the importance of demolishing any strongholds telling her she was sick.

Dodie replaced her present reflection with photos of herself from before she was ill.

She wanted to continuously see herself the way God saw her. Healthy healed and whole. Looking at her present reflection would counter this and place that doubt in her heart.

Dodie received a miraculous supernatural healing.

I wonder what keeps you from seeing yourself well? Maybe, like Dodie, it’s your reflection in the mirror? Or if you and your friends keep on talking about your condition, this may be feeding the sickness.

Perhaps you’ve been posting about your situation on social media and now it’s all people know about you. Again, this just keeps the illness alive. It’s not surprising that your condition becomes your identity.



that we may have boldness in the day of judgment; because as He is, so are we in this world. 1 John 4:17

You and I are like Jesus. He is healthy, well-able with sound mind. He does not have any illness or health condition whatsoever. This is our identity.

Sickness is part of the old man. When we were buried with Christ, all our illnesses were buried with Him.

When we arose again with Him, we became just like Him. Yes we may still sin, but all our sins are forgiven and God no longer sees them.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

2 Cor 5:17

In the same way, we may still get sick, but all these sicknesses ‘are healed’ spiritually speaking, because we’re now in Christ. This is why the Bible says that we’re already healed, past tense.

Knowing who we really are gives us the ability to demolish those strongholds that are helping us survive.

Imagine what it would be like, if The Holy Spirit’s grace and strength consumed us to  walk out from this place of completeness.

If we were to keep our eyes focused on Jesus and develop the revelation that our identity is in Him.

It’s therefore not so much us consciously changing in our own strength, but as we focus on Jesus, we are changed. We begin to step out of those things that bind us as we allow Him to help us demolish any strongholds within us.

If you feel this is too challenging, please remember that it really is one beautiful step at a time.

Have a great day

Lorna x

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