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The Bible tells us to refute every tongue that rises against us.

Every tongue in this context is referring to damaging words, not people.

I recently heard of a story about a guy in the States who came across a rattle snake living under his couch. With no delay he reached for the necessary tools to remove it.

He didn’t just leave it, he was ruthless. Under no circumstances was he going to allow a snake, a killer, to remain under his roof.

Words are like snakes. They can grip hold of you, threaten and cause great fear. Worst of all, words have the potential to kill anything that God has in store for you.



The Bible says that words are weapons and have power to destroy that which God says is good.

No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn.

Is 54:17

Some translations use the word ‘refute’ instead of condemn. On a healing journey, we are to refute anything which is likely to hinder the healing. 

So to refute, means to prove or speak against something that is wrong. For believers, this means that we come against anything that is opposite to God’s will and His Word. 




When Jesus foretold of his crucifixion, Peter denied it. To which Jesus replied ‘Get behind me Satan’. Matt 16:23. Surely this was too harsh a rebuke?. After all, it was just a passing comment from Peter, probably wanting to comfort Jesus. 

How often do we think words are harmless or meaningless? But I think Jesus is teaching us the lesson that these types of ‘passing’ comments are actually very damaging. You see Jesus is condemning Peter’s words.

Whenever we hear something that is against God’s will for our lives (like our healing), this is how ruthless I think God wants us to be. 

Peter was without realising declaring (without realising) in Matt 16 that Jesus would not be going to the cross (which means that God’s plan for redemption wasn’t going to happen.)

This is why Jesus responded with such an extremeness. Words are powerful, like rattle snakes, and Peter’s words could have stopped the plan of redemption from taking place. 




If there is anyone in your world who says you will always be sick. They are pronouncing something into your future that isn’t in line with God’s will. 

When Jesus healed Jairus’ daughter He told Jairus to not listen to the crowds who were declaring she had died. 

He then removed everyone from the room where Jairus’ daughter was. The words and beliefs of the doubters may have stopped the miracle from happening. 

When Elizabeth was pregnant with John the Baptist, God struck her husband, Zechariah dumb. This was God’s wisdom. 

If he had continued to speak words of doubt, it would have stopped the miracle, thus blocking God’s plan of salvation. 

God, via an angel, was refuting Zechariah’s words both verbally and physically.

Likewise, you have permission to come against every tongue which speaks death against your healing, no matter where it comes from.




I think for me, my biggest enemy has to be self-talk. Sometimes I do allow thoughts like ‘I’ve been ill for too long….I’ll be in pain forever…I’ll never get well….What’s the point?’

This is the same as me being like Zechariah and doubting the word of God, or like the crowds who were doubting when Jairus’ daughter had ‘died’. 

I am still on the journey of condemning every internal tongue which rises against me. Sometimes I stop myself, but other times I entertain those words. 

If you relate to this, read the article on Bartimaeus called HOW TO DEMOLISH STRONGHOLDS TO RECEIVE YOUR HEALING. 

In effect, refuting words, either from ourselves or others, is akin to demolishing strongholds which can dilute our faith and stop us from receiving. 




The words of those God has placed in authority over us are especially powerful. If a doctor pronounces a negative prognosis over you, you can refute it. 

As a child of God you have authority to speak against every tongue which rises against you from the medical profession.

I’m not suggesting you necessarily need to say anything to the doctor’s face, but you can pray afterwards that those words will have no power over you. 

‘Father, thank you for the wisdom of these amazing doctors, but your word says ‘I will live and not die and declare the works of the Lord’. Ps 118:17

As the royal priesthood, our words matter because ‘where the word of the king is, there is power…’ Ecc 8:4




Our thinking patterns are formed in the first few years of life and are highly influenced by our caregivers. 

We are all the product of our upbringing. Your personality, beliefs, self-concept, conditionings; all stem from your early experiences. 

Our souls are dismantled from birth and we must reassemble them as we age

Paul Scanlon

The person you are, may not be who God intended. It is this lack of authenticity that can cause sickness in adulthood. (Gabor Mate)

We have a responsibility therefore to allow God to heal every part of us, including those parts of us misaligned in childhood. 

You’re coming against every tongue of your childhood which rises against you. That is, anything that you inherited from your parents, your society and the world around you, that isn’t God’s intention for your life.

How would your life be different it you were as ruthless as Jesus? Who or what would you remove from your life? Whose words have spoken death over you? 

I encourage you to grow in your discernment and your ability to resist the enemy. Your healing is too important and Christ’s suffering too severe to take this casually. 

I hope this is helpful

Lorna xx

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