Grace For Healing
God wants you well
is god punishing me with sickness

God is NOT punishing you when you’re suffering so you can relax. There is nothing the enemy wants more than for us to see God as angry and distant, cursing us with sickness and disease.

By reading this post, you’ll give yourself a break for any wrong-doing as you realise just how impossible it is for God to punish you.

You’ll have 6 pieces of evidence from Scripture proving God is not the cause of your suffering.

I completely get why you may think this, when we read of God punishing sin so severely in the Old Testament, even visiting people’s sins to the third and fourth generations!

When I was a child, I just loved the story of Jonah and the Whale. The excitement and thrill that God would send a large fish to swallow someone whole.
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see yourself healed

I believe that it’s powerful to see yourself healed, even though you’re in the midst of illness.

Today we look why you need to see yourself in this way and not as someone who is sick. By the end of this post, you’ll gain 5 tips that’ll help you to see yourself healed.

I had people in my life for years telling me I was already healed. It was so hurtful at the time, as though they were devaluing my situation.

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spiritual causes of disease

Is there such a thing as demonic influence or spiritual causes for disease? and is this the reason you’re ill today?

According to the Gospels, demons are everywhere! Jesus delivered people from demonic influence all the time and often the demons did cause sickness and disease.

Today we look at demonic influence today and whether or not this is something that causes sickness. More specifically you’re going to learn

  • about the roots of disease
  • demonic influence in the Bible
  • whether demons exist Today
  • demon possession
  • the causes of disease
  • curses
  • the occult
  • how to apply our freedom in Christ

When I developed illness all those years ago, deliverance ministry was strong amongst Christian healing ministries around the globe.
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a Syrophoenician woman

If you’re believing God for a healing, then check out the following 5 truths from the story of Jesus and the Syrophoenician woman.

So what can we glean from her story?

  • Jesus looks for authenticity
  • Humility and healing go hand in hand
  • God expects perseverance
  • Sin isn’t an issue for God
  • God heals through the faith of others

If you know the heart of Jesus, you will know how keen he is for us to be well and how it’s just not his nature to ignore us.

So how do you explain the story of Jesus and the Syrophoenician woman whom he disregarded? The story always baffled me as it appears to contradict Jesus’ willingness and generosity.

Close inspection reveals that Jesus wasn’t ignoring the woman. He was setting her up for her breakthrough.
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meaning of bethesda

The meaning of Bethesda is House of Mercy.

I believe the Holy Spirt is telling us though the story of the lame man healed at the pool of Bethesda, that if we want a healing, we find it in the house of God, the Church.

Today I will show you 5 reasons why healing is found in the Church.

I’ve been in church nearly my whole life. In the past 20 years of my (healing) journey, I have learned to make God’s house foundational, despite feelings and experiences.
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the character of ruth

The character of Ruth proves that unfair circumstances don’t need to disadvantage you on your healing journey. 

Today’s blog post considers the story or Ruth. If you’re believing God for a breakthrough, then adopting the following 4 characteristics of Ruth will increase your chances to receive. 

I’m sure you’re familiar with the story of the tortoise and the hare? The tortoise puts one foot in front of the other and does his best. He doesn’t complain about the unfairness of the race or compare himself to his competitor.

He is so unlikely to win against a hare yet his character and attitude win him the race. 
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receive gods grace

Today’s post is about how to receive God’s grace.

I think you’ll agree it’s impossible to journey through illness without God’s grace, but it doesn’t automatically fall through the sky.

Today I share the best and most effective way to receive God’s grace. Here’s what happened in my situation:

Many years ago, when my body was so riddled with pain that even getting dressed or showered seemed to take all day (and on some days, not at all).

I was in a constant place of defeat and lack (because I didn’t understand how to receive God’s grace.)

The Bible tells us to choose life, I didn’t know how to; the horror of my situation seemed greater than the power of grace. 

Are you the same? Are you so overcome by the symptoms in your body, you’re in a constant state of struggle?

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religious spirit

This post will teach you what a religious spirit is and how to recognise it in your own life. Divine healing is part of grace, so entertaining the religious spirit in any part of your life may slow you down and keep you stuck.

Healing is right the way through the Bible, beginning in the garden of Eden.

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how to receive double portion

The Valley of Beracah, is the valley of blessing, that God has in your pathway, each time you’ve gone through a difficult trial.

Perhaps you’re not sure if such a reward has your name on it, perhaps it’s for a chosen few. Or maybe you’ve wondered what you need to do in order to access such a blessing?

By the end of this post, your faith for this two-fold blessing will increase as you understand more about God’s plan for you in this area.
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