Grace For Healing
God wants you well
loss and grief

Loss and grief have to be the most painful experiences I have ever had; you know that deep hole you feel when someone or something so incredibly priceless is missing from life? Thankfully as Christians, there is a beautiful and comforting benefit in store for us whenever we feel we’ve been robbed. 

For me, coping with illness was only part of the problem. Underneath the physical was the torment of going through life alone with no family, the loss of career, finances, holidays, ability to walk and even sit…I felt like loss was my cruel companion. The life that was once ahead of me no longer existed. 

Today I wanted to share with you, the one thing that has kept me going throughout all these years of pain: God’s promises of double restoration
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loneliness epidemic

One of the hardest things for me with a chronic health condition is the loneliness it has created. It never occurred to me there was a loneliness epidemic sweeping the world, even people who are perfectly healthy are claiming loneliness. In the early days, I struggled on my own with very few people understanding the impact the pain was having on my mental state, making me feel even more isolated.

Do you now feel different because you can no longer join in with ‘life’ and the activities you once enjoyed with others have now stopped? 



We crave connection and to be understood. It starts when we connect with our mothers the moment we’re held for the very first time. This gives acceptance, love and security. When illness happens though, we sense the lack of understanding by others which causes us to experience disconnection. 
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guilt and shame

If you’ve been struggling with illness for any length of time, you’ll be no stranger to the ugly, hideous guilt and shame that accompanies those on a healing journey. 

I’ve supported many people in hospital or with long term illness who struggle with guilt. Guilty for not working, guilty for relying on others, guilty for not serving in church, guilty…guilty…guilty… 

I wonder if this is something that has crossed your mind? Do you feel bad about yourself in any way, feeling you don’t quite hit the mark?
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