Grace For Healing
God wants you well
Jesus cleanses the leper

Today we look at the healing of the leper. 

If you doubt God’s willingness to heal, then your faith will fail you. After reading today’s post, you will have no doubts in the goodness of God and His desire to heal you.

If you don’t believe in God’s willingness, then you don’t believe in God’s goodness.

Here are 3 reasons proving God’s desire to heal you.
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speak life over yourself

Have you ever told your body parts how amazing they are? If you have a diseased part of your body then learning to speak life over yourself could be just the medicine you need.

By continuing to read on, you’ll learn what it means to speak life, the difference it can make, and the one big mistake we make that hinders our words.

Japenese scientist Masaru Emoto proved the power of our words by conducting a water experiment where he took samples of tap water and spoke to them.

One sample he spoke words of life such as ‘you’re beautiful, I’m grateful for you, you’re amazing….’ and another sample he spoke words like ‘you disgust me, I hate you…’
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life and death is in the power of words

If you don’t understand why the Bible quotes ‘Life and death is in the power of the tongue’ and the link this has to healing, then this post will really bless you. 

You’ll instantly change the words you use, especially those concerned with your healing journey. The last thing you want is to hinder your own healing because you were ignorant of this powerful Truth.

When I first became unwell I would speak words of defeat all the time.

“If God was going to heal me, he would have done it by now……my life has been destroyed…….I’m going to be in pain forever…” and so on.

Have you ever spoken out words like that?
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ways god heals

Most agree that God heals today but we never hear mention of the different ways in which God heals. Today we look at the different methods that He uses and the reasons why He may chose one above the other. 

I remember hearing of a miracle healing. I was so excited to hear of such a testimony because this is what I so desperately needed.

My excitement soon turned to hurt and disappointment. You see, the person who claimed the miracle, went through a series of medical interventions. Without medicine, she would no doubt be dead.
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is it always god's will to heal?

At the beginning of my healing journey, I doubted God’s will all the time.

I couldn’t understand why, when I had prayed, fasted, spoken the Word over myself…and so on, that I was actually getting worse. I came to the conclusion that it just isn’t God’s will to heal me.

Today’s post will teach you the truth about God’s will to heal, using the Bible as our evidence. You will find a rest and a freedom from doubt causing faith to raise as you continue on your journey.

If you’ve been unwell for many years, it’s understandable if you’re thinking this too. You’ve seen many others not make it and you think it’ll be the same for you, after all you’ve tried everything. 
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healing word of god

This post will teach you the simple Biblical formula for healing in the Word of God.

In the early days of wanting a healing, I prayed and prayed, thinking that I would awake one morning to find all symptoms disappeared.

Of course, this didn’t happen.

Now I share with you the 2 step formula for healing in the Bible.

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