Elpis hope, or Bible hope is  “joyful, confident, certain expectation of good,”  based on the blood of Jesus, this means it’s automatically ours. Yay! Doesn’t this fill us with such security for our healing?

But there’s often a problem. What we’re hoping for is impossible. We wait, and wait, and wait….months, years, even decades!! Over the course of time we give up believing that we’ll ever be well again. The pain continues, the symptoms persist…..deep down we accept that things will never change and we tolerate. (more…)

So how do we recognise perfectionists and why is it damaging to our health? Depression, anxiety, OCD, low self esteem…..all common amongst perfectionists.

A few weeks ago, I was lying in bed with a thumping headache. I’d been writing an essay which I had finished at tea time. Instead of putting the essay away, I went through it again…and again…and again! I put in extra quotes and rewrote sentences. I did a bit more research to include in the essay, it had to be the best it could possibly be! Finally, it was past midnight and my essay was perfect! Yay! The problem though, was I ended up with a thumping headache. This is the result of perfection driving me. Can you relate? Writing an amazing essay gives me that feeling of success and achievement. Have I been behaving like this my whole life? How many times have I been late to church because my outfit just doesn’t look right? How many times have I felt bad about myself because i’ve said something wrong to someone? I’ve replayed a conversation in my head and wished I’d said something different.

It’s time to change. (more…)