God Promises Double Restoration

Loss has to be one of the most painful experiences I have ever had; you know that deep hole you feel when someone or something so incredibly priceless is missing from life. Today I wanted to share with you, the one thing that kept me going throughout all those years of pain: God’s promises of double restoration. 

If you’re living with long term illness you’ll be no stranger to the world of loss: of health, finances, abilities, self esteem, work, friendships, relationships…..I guess the list is pretty in exhaustive. What you’re dealing with has a habit of spilling out onto other areas of life.  (more…)

Our Words Are Powerful

When I first became unwell I would speak words of defeat all the time. “If God was going to heal me, he would have done it by now……my life has been destroyed…….I’m going to be in pain forever…” and so on. I basically just said what I was thinking and feeling so the people around would know how bad the situation was and the impact it was having on me. At this point I had no idea I was feeding the illness and delaying the healing. When we speak toxic thoughts (anything that is against the Word of God), those words reinforce the problem.  (more…)

Confused as to why your healing hasn’t happened yet? We can’t really explore God’s healing without first discussing the ways in which God heals. Failure to understand this will add to the mystery and confusion of the ‘waiting’ period. How many times do we request something of God, but then become disheartened when God hasn’t provided the way we suppose he will. Could it be that God wants you to receive your healing in a way that opposes and challenges your assumptions? Here are the 4 ways that God heals us: (more…)

If you had the power to take away your child’s illness, would you do it? 

The Divine Exchange

When I had a sickness as a child, my mother would always say ‘I wish I could have it instead of you’. How many of you have said that to your own children? Such is the love of a parent, willing to do anything, even exchange places, to spare their child from pain. Of course my mother was powerless to change places with me. Jesus however is all powerful and this is exactly what happened on the cross. Healing is part of the Atonement, part of the divine exchange. This proves his willingness and his heart to heal those he loves.  (more…)

If you’ve been wandering in the wilderness for a long time, you’re probably confused as to why the healing is taking so long? “Where is God? Has he forgotten me?” I remember asking myself these same questions.

“Behold, I have refined you, but not as silver; I have tested you in the furnace of affliction”. Is 48:10

I had great anger at my situation, such bitterness that this had happened and started to resent those around me; angry at others for not understanding my pain.  I struggled to cope with the unfairness, the lack of joy and love leading to such loneliness and depression. But here’s what I realised; that these impurities were already on the inside of me, lying dormant. The season of illness produced a conducive environment for these impurities to come to the surface. The did not come about as a result of the illness as I originally thought. (more…)

If you could ask God for just one thing, what would it be? God appeared to Soloman in a dream and asked him this very question. I wonder what he would answer if he only had 6 months to live or if he’d been ill for many years? Would he have asked for healing instead?

Today we’re going to look at how wisdom is the key to our healing. 

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom.” Pro 4:7

Praying for healing is not our principle thing, it’s wisdom! When we’re ill, we need God’s wisdom more than anything else! Even if Soloman had been very unwell, asking for wisdom was still the higher choice. (more…)

Healing has no shortcut

When I was at University I was the Queen of shortcuts! I was studying for a German degree, so reading the English translations of set texts was the ‘shortcut’ for me. So much quicker than reading in German!! Yes I know it defeats the purpose, but it meant I could read the book in a much speedier way! giving me more time to do what I wanted.

Let’s admit it, there are times in all of our lives, especially where healing is concerned, where we want the quick MacDonld’s fix. We want someone to lay hands on us so we can instantly see the physical results in our bodies. This is wanting the shortcut and it’s not always God’s best for us. Healing has no shortcut; there is a hidden formula in Scripture we just can’t ignore. A formula which takes time….. (more…)

We crave connection and to be understood. It starts when we connect with our mothers the moment we’re held for the very first time. This gives acceptance, love and security. When illness happens though, we sense the lack of understanding by others so this connection

Loneliness does not come from having no people around you, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem to be important to you. C.G Jung

We also feel different because we can no longer join in with ‘life’; the activities we once enjoyed with others have now stopped and it feels like the whole world is going on without us. (more…)

If you’ve been struggling with illness for any length of time, you’ll be no stranger to guilt: ugly, miserable, hideous guilt. 

Guilty for not working, guilty for relying on others, guilty for not serving in church, guilty…guilty…guilty… Aargh!! Every time we fall short of the standard we, others or even society have set, the misery of guilt has the potential to start knocking. 

Other times we analyse our lives and ask ourselves ‘was it my personal sin that caused this sickness?’ ‘Is God punishing me?’ Even though in your conscious mind you know this isn’t true, deep down, somewhere in your innermost being, there’s that doubt.  (more…)

To be content in life has little to do with external circumstances, but rather our internal belief system. When we’re in a wilderness season, it’s easy to focus on what isn’t right, the pain we’re in or how great our life used to be. We feel justified for being unhappy because we’re suffering, as though we’re entitled. All this leads to even more discontent and misery!

Surely it’s normal to be unhappy when illness strikes? Isn’t misery expected  when an illness has continued for such a long time?! (more…)