Grace For Healing
God wants you well
clothed in christ

How we see ourselves matters. The Bible says we’re clothed in Christ but seeing ourselves this way is sometimes way too challenging (or at least it is for me) when the symptoms in my body steal my attention morning, noon and night.

When chronic illness sets in, we condition ourselves unconsciously. The illness becomes a part of us whether we realise it or not.

You may cognitively recognise that illness is not your identity but unconsciously your thoughts, behaviour may tell an opposing story.

This reminds me of mixing different colours of play dough together. It’s impossible to separate them.

If this is you, I hear you and I understand, I’ve been there. This is your reality, your truth. BUT IT IS NOT YOUR IDENTITY.

Unlike playdough, we can separate ourselves from the illness that consumes us and live a life from a place of victory.




I remember well meaning Christians telling me I was already healed. In all honesty, I found this hurtful at first as it felt like they were devaluing my experience. All I could feel was the symptoms in my body. ‘How can I be healed when all I feel is pain?’

I can see now what they were referring to.

It was their way of telling me that because I was clothed in Christ, I was complete in Him. They were calling forth my identity in Christ, my authentic self.

The Bible says we were healed past tense. See IS IT ALWAYS GOD’S WILL TO HEAL?

This is your true authentic identity.

“He himself took up all our infirmities and carried all our diseases”.

This is why it’s not necessary to plead God to heal you or to even ask him to heal. Isaiah tell us that “by whose stripes you were healed..” 

The word ‘sozo’ means to save and to heal.

God sees you in clothed in Christ. He sees you as He sees His Son. He knows you’re suffering, He knows all about your symptoms and He knows what you need.

But He still sees you healthy, healed and whole, the same way He sees you saved and forgiven. This is your True identity.

I’m using a capital letter here quite deliberately. Because I realise your truth in terms of your reality may contradict this.

Jesus healed us at the cross 2000 years ago. We don’t receive the bread at Communion in order to get God to heal us but to proclaim that the healing is complete. Then we walk in that Truth.

Often we think healing is the destination we need to meet. God is asking us to bring that ‘end result’ to where we are today and walk out from that place.





You are not the illness. You are a precious child of God, clothed in Christ, who is living with symptoms. Our True identity is in Christ.

Adam and Eve forgot who and whose they were. They had union with God and were already like Him. This was their identity. But when Eve met the serpent, she forgot this Truth.

You and I are already healed at the cross. When we forget this truth, it impacts our thoughts and behaviour. Just like Eve, we operate from a mistaken identity.

We think we need to perform to get the blessing; repenting from every sin in the book or trying to be mega obedient in order to qualify for healing.

We serve more in church or we read more of the Bible, unconsciously thinking it will cause God to heal us. Sometimes we feel unworthy because of our failings and try in our own strength to put them right.

We’re taking from the wrong tree, just like Eve. See HOW A RELIGIOUS SPIRIT WILL HINDER YOUR HEALING

The Bible tells us that “all our righteousnesses are like filthy rags” Is 64:6

We become self righteous when we don’t know who we really are, trying everything we can in order for God to heal us because we don’t have the realisation that we already are.

Some of us change our diets, exercise routines, our medications and we pray and pray that God will heal us. We operate from a place of discord rather than a place of rest but we just don’t recognise it. 

Does this sound familiar to you?




God says you’re healthy and whole.

For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form, and in Christ you have been brought to fullness

Col 2:9-10

You are complete. 2 cor 5:17 tells us you are new Creations.

When you focus on your sickness you reinforce the old man. Do you talk about it all the time? Post ‘sick’ photos of yourself on social media? See life through the lens of pain?

By doing this you’re continually fortifying neuro pathways in the brain making healing harder to receive.

The more we identify with the wholeness of being clothed in Christ, the more we increase our capacity to receive the manifestation: We create new pathways in the brain.  You are choosing LIFE and blessings. (Deut 30:19)




The challenge of course is that our bodies scream the opposite. Do you remember Abraham who ‘considered not his own body’ ? He called himself the Father of many nations, for many years prior to the birth of Isaac.

Faith for healing isn’t desperately trying to believe for as long as possible, then God will heal you. Faith for healing is believing that healing is complete in the spiritual realm, then walking in it, despite what your body may say.

When we learn to do this, there is a rest. We walk in the finished work the way Adam and Eve did in the garden. This gives a peace in the storm, confidence in the valley and an empowerment to operate in God’s strength.

And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus.

Eph 2:6

To see ourselves clothed in Christ is to see ourselves whole and walking through the lens of the Finished Work of Christ and not the lens of sickness.

When I was a school teacher, I learned to separate the child from the ‘bad’ behaviour.  In the same way we separate our identity from any diagnosis.

…we may have boldness in the day of judgment; because as He is, so are we in this world.

1 John 4:17


Seeing yourself healed at the cross, isn’t denying or devaluing your symptoms.

Knowing your identity in Christ isn’t about pretending those symptoms don’t exit, rather you’re giving weight to God’s Truth and elevating the Word above your circumstances.




Just imagine how different your life would be if you embraced the Truth of your identity and If you rested in the finished work of Jesus.  If you learned to believe the Truth that you already are healed? The same way Abraham believed he was a father. 

You would operate from a place of ease and grace with no more pleading for healing. Your words and topic of conversation would change as your thoughts align with God’s Truth.

How wonderful it would be for you and those around you to no longer see you through the lens of illness because it is not who you are. Keep in listening, keep on renewing your mind.

I hope this makes a difference to your world today.

God Bless Lorna

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