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“Shame is like traffic…and traffic has a memory…” Ps Sophia

I’m so excited to share with you this week’s message by Ps Sophia on Shame, something that resonates with all of us. That awful deep rooted feeling that you’re a bad person because of the things you’ve done wrong. She takes us right back to be beginning when Adam and Eve knew no shame in the garden. Then they took from the wrong tree and everything changed. They no longer relied upon God for their worth, they took control and rejected God. Whether we’re aware or not, we do the same thing! (more…)

To be content in life has little to do with external circumstances, but rather our internal belief system. When we’re in a wilderness season, it’s easy to focus on what isn’t right, the pain we’re in or how great our life used to be. We feel justified for being unhappy because we’re suffering, as though we’re entitled. All this leads to even more discontent and misery!

Surely it’s normal to be unhappy when illness strikes? Isn’t misery expected  when an illness has continued for such a long time?! (more…)

Hello lovely people

Happy Friday everyone, and for those who are new to the group – Welcome!

In today’s message, Ps Glyn teaches us on the importance of being content in our circumstances. This particular preach, was part of our financial wholeness series a couple of years ago. However, the keys to being content that Ps Glyn refers to, can be transferred to a your healing journey. (more…)